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China sourcing agent

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China sourcing agent

Toys sourcing agent is more and more important for the people who want to import toys from China. A good toy sourcing agent can help importers buy toys directly from China manufacturers, and finally export toys to them, especially during the COVID-19, they can’t come to China. However, many buyers are still confused about everything about the sourcing agent. 


So I sorted out 6 questions for importers, so that they can find the best toys sourcing agent. Let’s start with each question.

What’s the toy sourcing agent?

Toys sourcing agent (toys buying agent or purchasing agent) are people or companies that offer to sourcing service for the toys importers. There are agents for all kinds of toys, from plastic toys through to specialized custom toys.

Also because they know the toy industry well and know where to help you source the toys you are interested in at the lowest price, for example from Shantou toy manufacturing location or Yiwu toy market.

In China, sourcing agents mostly congregate in Yiwu, and for toy sourcing agents, Yiwu and Chenghai are the places where they congregate, especially Chenghai. If you are specialising in importing toys, then you should definitely look for a toy sourcing agent to help you, as they are professional enough for the toy industry, whereas a sourcing agent is simply familiar with sourcing service.

What does the toy sourcing agent do

What does the toy sourcing agent do

Provide quotation or catalogue

Toy sourcing agents generally have enough resources of toy suppliers and manufacturers. When you contact them they will provide you with a quotation or catalogue to give you a general idea of the products they source the most. Generally speaking, the toys that people buy the most also represent the hottest toys on the market, and this can be valuable to toy importers.

Of course, if you already have the idea for purchasing toys, you can communicate it to them. They will contact the toy factories and make the quotation or catalogue of toys suitable for you. Or even if you have an idea for a customised toy, they can help you contact the factory and quote to you.

Guide you to the China toys wholesale market or toy factory

When you come to China, this can be a difficult problem for you if you are not familiar with the Chinese toy market or where toys are made. A toy buying agent can take you to the Yiwu toy market or Shantou toy manufacturing location to source toys according to your sourcing plan. They will help you arrange a suitable hotel and help you arrange a time to visit a wholesale toy market or toy factory.

Of course the most important thing is that they can translate for you so that you can communicate with the factory without any problems. This is because most Chinese toy suppliers do not know English, let alone Spanish or any other language. With the help of toys sourcing agent, you can easily communicate with China toy manufacturers and even get a better price than yourself!

Help you get the best price

As professional China purchasing agents, they know the Chinese toy industry better than you do. They will help you to bargain with Chinese toy suppliers and even compare prices with multiple toy suppliers to help you get the lowest price. It may be difficult to get a low price if you are negotiating with the supplier yourself.

For toy buyers with special requirements, such as replacement packaging, replacement cartons, take stickers or even custom-made toys, it is easy to be tricked by the factory into giving you a higher price for these costs. Your buying agent, on the other hand, is well aware of these costs and will give you a reasonable price rate based on the requirements.

Arrange for production

Once you have confirmed your order, your purchasing agent will contact the factory for you and arrange production. Because there are so many different types of toys, and different toys come from different manufacturers, it is obviously not possible for you to contact and arrange production one by one by yourself.

Your toy sourcing agent will help you to arrange orders according to your order requirements, especially for special requests. This workload is actually quite large. And with their help, your toy import will become much easier.

Follow up on orders

During the production of an order, the most feared problem is a delayed delivery or failure to meet the order requirements. This is why order follow-up is so important. China buying agent will help you to follow up on each toy, talk to each toy manufacturer about production progress and give you feedback.

As soon as a problem is identified, they will be the first to communicate with you and give you some solution. This can greatly reduce your workload. When a problem arises, you just need to choose the most suitable one according to the solutions they offer, so it is easy for you.

Product quality control

Once the product has been manufactured, you can get a professional inspection agency to inspect the product for you and check whether it meets your requirements. But if there are too many corresponding factories, this will be a significant cost. But your sourcing agent can help you with the quality inspection, which will help you reduce a lot of costs.

They will help you check the quality of each toy, take photos and record them. If problems are found, they can get the manufacturer to correct them in time. At the same time they will send you the final inspection pictures and report. You can have a clear picture of the condition of all the toys you have ordered.

Loading and shipping

Finally, If you have your own shipping agent, then the sourcing agent will contact them for you, confirm the loading schedule, help you with the loading and ensure that all your toys are shipped smoothly. If you do not have a shipping agent, then the buying agent will contact theri shipping agent for you and help you with both loading and shipping.

Who needs a sourcing agent/ company?

Inexperienced toy importers

For the inexperienced toy importer, a toy sourcing agent can help you a lot. You just need to work with them and they will do everything for you to wholesale toys from China, you just need to concentrate on your sales and marketing. They will make your toy importing business much easier.

Buyers who need to buy a wide range of toys

If you want to buy many different kinds of toys, then perhaps working with a toy buying agent is your best option. In China, you can source tens of thousands of different kinds of toys, but most of them come from different toy manufacturers. If you were to contact and source them one by one, even if you could communicate properly, the job would still be huge.

Large retailers and retail supermarkets

For large retailers and retail supermarkets, perhaps you do have a lot of staff who can help you contact suppliers to arrange orders. But for you, with the thousands of toys you need to source, even if you follow up on the order yourself, it will be difficult to complete the order unless you have an office in China.

Large retail supermarkets such as Target and Walmart also use buying agents to help with their toy work.

Buyers who can't come to China

During COVID-19, almost all toy buyers were not able to come to China to purchase toys. For them, there was no way to get the latest toy offers and no way to select a wider range of toys. Then a toy sourcing agent is your best choice. They can help you to contact the factories and help you to select more new toys. Of course they can also take you through a video call to select toys from the Yiwu toy wholesale market or the Shantou toy market.

What is the sourcing commission?

Sourcing commission is when a toy buying agent does all the work of importing toys from China for you and you pay them a fee for their services. Sourcing toys from China for you, getting the lowest prices for you from Chinese toy suppliers, arranging production and final delivery are their main tasks. And for them, the sourcing commission is their only income.

How much does a sourcing agent cost

As you know, sourcing commission is a service fee that you pay to your toy purchasing agents. It is also the main additional cost to the toy importer for importing toys from China. There is no one standard for commission, it is generally between 3% and 10%. It depends on the professionalism of the toy sourcing agent and the outcome of your negotiations.

Generally speaking, the smaller the order, and the more complex the order, the higher the commission charged will be. Assuming you are purchasing a $2,000 product, you will most likely have to pay a 10% commission, which is $200 as a service fee. If you purchase $20,000, the service fee will be $2,000 or less.

In addition to commission, there is also an hourly rate of pay. In most cases you will need to pay an hourly rate to your buying agent if you need them to do a lot of work before confirming the order. For toy buying agents, this is to avoid free labour. When you confirm the order, most agents will pay back this hourly rate.

After learning all about toy sourcing agents, perhaps your main concern is how to find the best Chinese sourcing agent, such as Dragon Toy Services. I will show you three ways to find a toy sourcing agent.

Search from Google

Google search toys sourcing agent

Searching from Google has always been one of the most familiar ways to most people. By searching for Toys sourcing Agent, you can find many toy sourcing agent websites and contacts, so the next thing to do is to contact them and pick the most suitable toy sourcing agent.

Of course if you search for Chinese toy suppliers you may also be able to find them. Because for them, they need to have enough words so that their customers can find them quickly. You can check out their website to see what they do and contact them.

China toys fairs

China Toys Fair

If you come to China, then you can easily find them at toy fairs. Generally speaking, they go to toy fairs every year. However, this way is suitable for large toy importers because it is more expensive to attend toy fairs and they normally do not accept small orders.


Many toy buying agents now promote their services through Facebook and Linkedin. So it is easy to find and contact them by searching on these social media platforms. Also, you can see their daily updates and get an idea of what this sourcing agent is doing on a daily basis. This will allow you to better select a toy sourcing agent.

Now it’s your turn

Do you have any other questions about toy sourcing agents/companies? If you found this article helpful, please share it with your friends and share your thoughts in the comments section. If you are looking for a China sourcing agent, you can contact us, we are one of the leading toy sourcing agents in China.


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