yiwu toys market

Yiwu Toys Market

#1. One of the largest China toys wholesale market;

#2. Located in Yiwu International Trade Mart District 1;

#3. More than 2,000 stores and 2000 toys suppliers;

#4. Fabric Plush Toys, Electric Toys, Inflating toys, regular toys, etc..

Shantou Toys Market

#1. The production base of toys in China;

#2. More than 12,000 toys factories and manufacturers;

#3. Unique exhibition hall mode, choose toys like shopping in the supermarket;

#4. Factory outlets, you can get the quotation list including factory details;

shantou toys market guide

Top 8 China Toys Wholesale Market

yiwu wholesale market

1. Yiwu toy wholesale market

China largest wholesale toys market

shantou toys market

2. Shantou toy wholesale market

China largest wholesale toys manufacturer

guagnzhou toy market

3. Guangzhou toy wholesale market

China the earliest wholesale toys market

baigou toys market

4. Baigou plush toys wholesale market

China plush toys wholesale market for cheap price

5. Yangzhou Plush toy wholesale market

China soft toys wholesale market for high quality

6. Yongxing International Toys Wholesale market

China second largest toys wholesale market

yunhe wooden toys marekt

7. Yunhe wooden toys wholesale market

China largest wooden toy wholesale toys market

Zhengzhou Toys wholesale market

8. Zhengzhou wanbo toys wholesale market

China third largest toys wholesale market

What We Do


We guide you to find the factory in the china toys wholesale market. You just need to tell me which type of toys you want to buy.


Most of the toy suppliers in the China toys wholesale market can't understand English, we can translate for your requirements more clearly.


After market work, we will give you the quotation list and clear picture. You can order the toys you need easier.

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