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1. Top 5 toys wholesale market to find toy supplierrs in China.

1.1. Yiwu toy wholesale market–the most significant market

1.2. Guangzhou toy wholesale market–the earliest market

1.3. Baigou toy wholesale market–for the cheap plush toy

1.4. Yangzhou toy wholesale market–for the high-quality plush toy

1.5. Yongxing International Toys Wholesale City–In Shandong Linyi

2. Where to find Toy Suppliers from China?

2.1. China toys wholesale market

2.2 toy manufacturing bases in China–Shantou toys market

2.3. Toys fairs in China

2.4. China online website

2.5. Search China toys manufacturers on Google

2.6 Get help from a toys sourcing agent

3. How to import China toys

STEP 1: Require a quote from China toys suppliers

STEP 2: Sourcing toys from China toys manufacturers

STEP 3: Confirm orders with China toy supplier

STEP 4: Arrange production, then follow up the order 

STEP 5: Quality inspection

STEP 6: Loading and Shipping

Where do I find the toy suppliers in China? For most people who want to import toys from China, this question is crucial and is your first step in buying toys from China.

The toys wholesale markets are the best place to start your search for toys wholesale suppliers. Finding toys suppliers from the toys manufacturing bases is a good choice; you can talk face-to-face with factories. Also, you can visit toys fairs in China to find toy suppliers or find the toys buying agent for help. If you can’t come to China, you also can search for toys wholesalers from Google and China wholesale websites.

In this guide, we will show you some tips on how to find a reliable toy supplier that can help you importing toys from China without any problems.

In this guide, we will show you some tips on finding a reliable toy supplier that can help you importing cheap toys from China without any problems.

This article is divided into two parts. Part 1 covers 6 ways to find Chinese suppliers, and part two covers Things you need to know about dealing with Toy suppliers.

1. 6 ways to find Toys suppliers in China

1.1. Best 5 China toy wholesale market

Generally speaking, if you want to wholesale more styles of cheap toys quickly, then China wholesale toy market is your best choice.

Because in the wholesale market in China, you can find numerous wholesalers who wholesale all sorts of toys. Here, you can complete one-stop toy shopping and buy wholesale all kinds of toys that you want to buy.

There are five most profitable toy markets in China, the largest of which is the Yiwu Toy Market. You can find all kinds of toys here, such as plastic toys, inflatable toys, plush toys, puzzle toys, diy toys, girl toys, electronic toys, remote control toys, and so on.

Below is a description of the five largest wholesale toy markets in China. He speaks to help you find Chinese toy suppliers quickly.

Yiwu Toy Market is located in District 1 of Yiwu International Trade City and is China’s largest toys wholesale market. There are more than 2,000 toy wholesale stores here, which sell thousands of toys of different categories from all over China.

It means that you can find 2000+ wholesale toy suppliers here and find hundreds of different toys from each toys wholesaler. Sounds crazy, right?

Why can you buy wholesale the cheapest toys in the Yiwu toys market?  Because the toy suppliers here are the general national agents of toy factories, and their prices are based on many expenses. So most of the time, you will find that even if you find a factory, after comparing the price, you will find that the price is still lower in the Yiwu market.

Unfortunately, though, most wholesale toy suppliers here do not speak English, so you better need to get yourself an English translator or toys buying agent to take you along and translate to facilitate communicating correctly with the toys suppliers.

Of course, I recommend finding a toy buying agent, like Dragon Toy Services. After all, if you are done purchasing toys, you still have to think about paying, placing orders, receiving the goods, loading, shipping, etc. They will help you out. And give you a good series of purchasing plans.

These toy sourcing agents usually charge 3-5% commission but can help you with everything about sourcing toys. They will even pick you up at the airport when you first arrive in Yiwu.

yiwu wholesale market

1.1.2 Guangzhou toys wholesale market--the earliest market

Guangdong is the world’s most giant toy and gift production base, and the Guangzhou toy wholesale market is also the most important one in southern China. Guangzhou Yidelu Toys Business District is one of China’s most critical toy gift circulations and trading bases, including International Toys Boutique City, Zhonggang Toys Wholesale City, Wanling International Toys Boutique Plaza, Jialesi Toys City.

For many experienced buyers, the Guangzhou toys market is where they must visit. Several toy markets here gather toy wholesalers from all over China. Various toys are purchased here, such as baby toys, wooden toys, plastic toys, electric toys, holiday toys, etc.

guagnzhou toy market

1.1.3 Baigou toy wholesale market--for the cheap plush toy

Baigou Wholesale Toy Market is located in Hebei Province, China. You can find plush toys and general plastic toys suppliers here. If you are a plush toy gift buyer or do not have high requirements for the quality of plush toys, then this market is a good choice for you.

baigou toys market

1.1.4 Yangzhou toys wholesale market--for the high-quality plush toy

As the plush toy gift capital of China, Yangzhou Wutinglong International Toys City mainly sells plush toys. There are thousands of factories here, and there are more than 4,500 stores in the market. In the market, you can buy thousands of different types of plush toys. Here, you can not only buy cheap plush toys. If you have high requirements for product quality or need to customize your plush toys, then Yangzhou plush toys market is your best choice.

In addition to selling plush toys, there is also a plush toy accessories market. You can buy all kinds of plush toy accessories, such as glasses, fabrics, etc., here. If you need high-quality plush toys, want to find experienced plush toy factory cooperation, or purchase plush toy accessories, the Yangzhou plush toy market is a good choice for you.

1.1.5 Yongxing International Toys Wholesale City--In Shandong Linyi

Yongxing International Toy Professional Wholesale City is currently the only toy professional wholesale market in Shandong Province and China’s second-largest toy professional market. There are about a thousand toy manufacturers, large and small. It is mainly divided into three areas: A, B, and C. Area A is primarily engaged in electric toys, baby carriages, inflatable toys, etc .; area B is involved in various plastic toys; area C is mainly engaged in multiple plush toys.

But most of the toys sold here are targeted at the Chinese market, and the packaging is generally Chinese.

1.2. Top 5 major toy manufacturing bases in China

China has 5 major toy manufacturing bases.

How to find wholesale toy manufacturers in China?

If you are looking for wooden toys, you should go to Yunhe. 

If you are looking for plush toys, you need to go to Yangzhou and Baigou.

Shantou is your best choice if you are looking for a plastic toy or electronic toymaker. 

If you are looking for Barbie manufacturers, then Jieyang is your best choice.

1.2.1 Yunhe, Zhejiang--the city with most wooden toys manufacturers

wooden toy

Chinese wooden toy city–Yunhe, is located in Lishui City, Zhejiang Province. There are more than 500 wooden toy manufacturers in this city, and the products are exported to more than 30 countries and regions such as Europe, America, Japan.

Almost all wooden toys in China are produced by factories here. But there are no toy exhibition halls to help you find the location of these factories, so you’d better come here with your toy sourcing agent. Otherwise, you cannot find the exact location of the factory. Also, you can contact us for help.

1.2.2 Baigou and Yangzhou all are the city with plush toys manufacturer

plush toy
Baigou, the city for the plush toy manufacturer

Hebei Baigou is one of the main plush toy production bases in China. There are thousands of plush toy factories here. Here you can find and purchase suitable plush toy manufacturers. In addition to their regular products, you can also ask the factory to customize your plush toys or even OEM processing.

The plush toys produced here are cheap and of average quality. It is suitable for the purchase of promotion gifts or low-end plush toys. Before you decide to come, you can contact us. Our guide will help you make a good route and take you to find the best toy factory. You don’t have to worry about language and geographical issues.

Yangzhou, Capital of Plush Toys and Gifts in China

As the earliest and largest production base of plush toys in China, Yangzhou is the “Capital of Plush Toys and Gifts in China.” Yangzhou is the traditional plush toy design and production hometown, occupying more than 50% of the global plush toy market.

The factory here has long-term cooperation with Wal-Mart, Target, Disney, and many other companies and has supplied Amazon merchants for a long time. The factory has experience in product design, proofing, production, and packaging. If you need to purchase custom high-end, high-quality plush toys and find professional factory cooperation, then Yangzhou is your best choice.

plastic toy

The birthplace of all plastic toys, educational toys, and electric toys in Chenghai, Shantou, the most toy factories is also located here. There are more than 12,000+ toy factories and china toy manufacturers here. Whether you are looking for the remote control car, drone, pretend play toy, riding toy, puzzle, beach toy, almost kids toy, you know all are produced here.

In Chenghai, almost all toys are displayed in the toy exhibition halls. By visiting the toy exhibition halls, you can find various toys, get prices, check factory information directly, and even communicate face-to-face with the best toy manufacturers. These toy exhibition halls only provide quotations and factory information but do not sell products. Their primary income comes from toy factory rents.

How to work in a toy exhibition hall? Picking toys in the exhibition hall is like shopping in a supermarket. You put your target toys in the shopping cart, and the staff will scan the barcode to show you the details of the toys. Finally, you will receive a quotation list of the toys you selected. You can read this site(Shantou toys market guide) about the Chenghai toy exhibition hall.

1.2.4 Barbie doll toy industry--Located in Jieyang, Guangdong, nearby Chenghai

The production base of Barbie dolls is located in Jieyang, Guangdong. There are hundreds of factories producing various shapes of Barbie dolls. These factories are very professional. Here you can buy all kinds of Barbie dolls you want, including Disney and other authorized genuine Barbie dolls. These factories also support OEM. You can customize your Barbie doll in terms of style, clothing, accessories, etc.

1.3. Top 6 toy fairs to finding toy suppliers in China

toys fair

The Toys Fairs has always been one of the most important ways to find toy factories and new toy products. The buyers can find many excellent factories and many new products at the toy exhibition. Most importantly, they can talk face to face with the toys factories. For factories to cooperate with customers, they often give the lowest price to attract customers.

Below I have organized 6 toy fairs worth visiting in China. In addition, you can contact us for more toy exhibition information and ask your sourcing agent to guide you to see the toys fair.

The great thing about attending Canton Fair is that you can directly find Chinese toys suppliers and factories, learn about products, and meet face-to-face with Chinese suppliers and factories.

Unlike Alibaba and other online sites, you can directly understand and judge whether the supplier meets your requirements, from price, product quality in all aspects, he more time-saving.

After all, it isn’t effortless for you to understand a Chinese toy factory with pictures and text descriptions and know if it is suitable for you.

The best thing about China toys Fair is that it gathers suppliers and factories from all over China, and you can easily find what you want to buy or have them make what you want to make for you.

The best part is that they showcase the toys they make, and you can touch and feel the products yourself to get an idea of their quality.

Moreover, the China toys fair is free to attend. By coming here, you can get information about hundreds of toy suppliers at a low cost and then pick the most suitable Chinese toy manufacturer to produce the products you want.

1.4. Top 6 wholesale toys websites to finding the china toy suppliers

There are toy markets here in China and some online wholesale sites to help you import toys from China to your country. The most famous is Alibaba. In addition to Alibaba, there are Global Sources, DHgate, Made In China, Yiwu Go, and Toys Market Online.

Due to the impact of COVID-19, all the toys fair was canceled, and it also was impossible to come to China, so wholesale toys online are the most suitable way to help you continue the toy business. 

For small buyers, like Amazon sellers or other retailers, sourcing China toys by the Chinese wholesale website is suitable. Below I will introduce to you 6 Chinese wholesale websites and our toy market online. This guide can help you source toys from China without having to leave home.

As the world’s largest wholesale website, almost everyone has heard of Alibaba and also has the experience of wholesale toys on it. 

Most of Alibaba’s suppliers are factories, and some are wholesalers. Here you can search for many toys you want, and you can quickly contact the supplier to confirm the price, product information, etc. You don’t need to consider the MOQ here. They usually accept orders of 500-1000 USD.

When purchasing toys on Alibaba, you need to know the balance of product quality and price. After selecting the product, you can confirm the quality of the sample with the store. You can also bargain with the supplier through the online chat tool if you have a large number.

Is DHgate safe? Of course!

Last year, DHgate’s transaction volume was more than $14 billion.

The most extensive customer base in the world makes it a trustworthy online store with a good reputation. Customers can buy from there confidently and enjoy fast shipping service as well as a friendly 24/24 support team.

In conclusion, we find that DHgate is a credible and trustworthy store that is worth your trust. If you are hesitating, why not buy from DHgate at a small but very reasonable price?

DHgate does not have MOQ requirements. You can buy at least one or two products. If you have a large number, you can bargain with them. There are not many types of toys here, more suitable for retailers.

There are many large factories and sizeable foreign trade companies on Globalsources. There are a total of 900+ suppliers wholesale about 40,000 toys.

The MOQ here is usually high. You can use the online chat tool to communicate with the supplier. You can also customize your toys. They typically take longer to produce toys, about 7-15 days.

Made in China is similar to Global Sources, and their suppliers are mainly factories and large foreign trade companies. Usually, as long as the quantity meets the supplier’s requirements, they support OEM and ODM.

A total of 2,000+ toy factories sell nearly 280,000 toys here. MQO depends on different factories. You need to confirm with the factory in advance. After securing the quantity, you can ensure the final price and delivery time with the factory. If it is in stock, the delivery time will be fast.

Yiwu Go is the online website of Yiwu International Trade City. Each supplier corresponds to a shop on this market. The suppliers here are mainly wholesalers. You can buy toys from here at a lower price and a smaller MOQ. You can learn more information from this guide: Yiwu toys market guide.

Yiwu go is not suitable for purchasing toys directly on the website. You can use this website to learn about the shop of the Yiwu toy market and the types of toys they sell in advance. Because most of the suppliers here do not understand English, usually there is little time to manage online stores.

Toys Showroom Online was created jointly by several toy showrooms in Chenghai. About the Shantou toy showroom, you can study my article – the Shantou toy exhibition hall. 

Buyers who have been to the toy showroom should know that we can find almost all toys made in China and get detailed information about toys and manufacturers in the Shantou Toy Showroom.

Likewise, now you can find all the toys and get the prices in the toy showroom online. It is simply incredible.

The operation is also effortless. After opening the website, you can browse the site to find your favorite toys and add them to your shopping cart.

Of course, you can also search the toy’s name to find the toy you want and add it to your shopping cart. Even the most incredible thing is that you can find the toys you are interested in by searching through images. It is simply so convenient and so good for you.

toys market online 2

Each toy has a detail page. You can view the detailed parameters of the product, including Packaging, Carton size, Quantity, Authentication, etc. If the toy is what you want, add it to the cart.

toys market online 3

Finally, click on the shopping cart, fill in your personal information and details and submit. The staff will give you a quote within 24 hours.

Coming through the toy showroom online to find Chinese toy suppliers is the most practical and accessible way I have seen.

Generally speaking, the MOQ of toys is more than 3 cartons. If the factory has stock, You can buy one carton. You can confirm these details with your sourcing agent. And you also can ask for the catalog to check. It’s also convenient for you to select toys.

1.5. Search China toy manufacturer on google

Browse toymakers on google likewise are the means of finding toy suppliers in China.

The most convenient method to discover toy manufacturers in China where your target audience hangs out is to utilize these search strings in Google:

“keyword manufacturers in China”;
“keyword” + “supplier in China”;
“keyword” + “factory”+“China”;
“keyword” + “China”+“manufacturer”.

beach toys manufacturers on google

1.6. Toys buying agent - help you import toys from China.

If you have no idea about toys buying agents, you can read our post about toys buying agents--Toy sourcing agents – What do they do? How to find? How much do they cost?

In addition to the above methods, there is another ideal way to discover Chinese providers: to assist you in locating toymakers via Chinese toys agents, like Dragon toy Service.

What is Dragon Toy Service? The specialist toys sourcing agent in China has 8 years of toy sourcing experience, can assist you in wholesale toys from China. They can help you to acquire toys directly from the toy factory for a low-cost cost.

Toy sourcing representatives can assist you in finding the wholesale toy suppliers in China as opposed to you. They have collaboration with 5000+ toy factories that supply substantial supply chain assistance. After locating toy distributors, they will offer you the quotation and also aid you import toys from China.

1.6.1 How toy sourcing agents can help you?

For buyers new to toy sourcing in China, a toy sourcing agent is the best solution. China toy agents generally provide a one-stop sourcing service, helping you find China wholesale toy suppliers and then quote you. Then help you do all the toy sourcing, order placement, production, quality check, and shipping to you.

STEP 1: Require A Quote

Suppose you want to learn how to source toys from China or buy wholesale toys directly from Chinese manufacturers. Just send us a request for a quote, and our sourcing agents will help you with everything you need to do to import toys from China.

STEP 2: Products Sourcing

Your toy buying agent will help you contact toy suppliers for catalogs or quotes. Or you provide pictures and information about the toys you want to purchase, and the sourcing agent will help you find factories and get quotes for you.

Confirm Orders

STEP 3: Confirm Orders

Once you have confirmed your order, your sourcing agent will help you contact various Chinese toy manufacturers to help you arrange your order according to your requirements.

Arrange Production

STEP 4: Arrange Production

We will place your order with the factory. If there are any problems during the ordered arrangement and production, we will communicate with you in time.

Quality Inspection

STEP 5: Quality Inspection

When all production is complete, your buying agent will go to the factory and help you inspect the toys one by one to check the quality and whether they meet your requirements. Finally, he will send you the inspection report.

Loading and Shipping

STEP 6: Loading and Shipping

Finally, your China sourcing agent will contact your shipping agent or contact his shipping agent to help you arrange the container and ultimately help you load and ship it out.

2. Things you need to know about dealing with Toy suppliers

2.1. What is the biggest problem you have in communicating with Chinese toy suppliers?

When communicating with Chinese toy suppliers, you have to remember that most don’t speak English very well.

They may have studied English in school, and most of them cannot speak or understand English well. Their reading skills are good, but for English listening comprehension, they may be terrible.

Therefore, when you communicate with a Chinese supplier, it is best to slow down and use simple English to express what you want to say.

If you communicate like standard English, most of them won’t understand you but can only nod their heads because they don’t want to interrupt you.

Of course, now there is translation software on your phone. You can use the translation software to talk to toy suppliers when they can’t understand.

The most efficient way or find a Chinese purchasing agent to assist you in translation and communication. This way, you can easily pass your ideas to the Chinese supplier and complete good communication.

2.2. How to Request a Quote from China toy supplier

Requesting a quote from a Chinese toys supplier is not as simple as asking for a price. For imported products, in addition to knowing the price, you need to know the MOQ, delivery time, payment terms, product samples, volume and gross weight, etc.

2.2.1 Price

There’s a lot to know about price here. First of all, you need to know EXW, FOB, CIF, CFR. Once you see these quotation methods, choose the one that suits you to negotiate with the factory.

Generally speaking, it is better to let the factory quote EXW price to compare it with other factories. You can compare the lowest price.

Secondly, you need to request quotes from several wholesalers or suppliers and understand the product parameters corresponding to their price, such as product quality, size, material grammage, etc. All these factors will affect the price.

In addition, if you order a large enough quantity, you can also understand to let the factory recheck the price and give you a discount. Generally speaking, the factory quotes are based on the amount. The more quantity you have, the lower the price.

2.2.2 MOQ

You must ask the Chinese manufacturer if there is a minimum order quantity for the picking product. Generally speaking, if you want to purchase small amounts of products, Yiwu wholesale market is more suitable. These wholesalers typically have stock, and naturally, MOQ is a box of goods.

If you communicate with the factory, you must ask for MOQ. Most factories do not prepare the stock. They arrange production according to orders.

2.2.3 Delivery time

You need to ask the Chinese wholesale supplier about the delivery time. Similarly, if you buy wholesale from a wholesaler in the Yiwu market, they usually have a lead time of no more than 5 days.

If you are looking for Chinese factories to order products, you must ask about the delivery time. Most of them produce to order. If they have a lot of orders waiting to be made, then the delivery time to you will become very long and could potentially affect your sales cycle, especially if you want holiday items.

2.2.4 Payment terms

The payment method is also one of the most critical negotiation aspects in the communication process with Chinese wholesale suppliers.

First, you need to understand several standard payment methods: T/T, L/C, D/P D/A.

Generally, Chinese suppliers expect a T/T payment method, i.e., a 30% deposit and final payment before shipment.

2.2.5 Product Samples

After the order is confirmed, it is necessary to ask for product samples from the supplier. 

Because you can use the quality of the samples as a reference standard to check the quality of the products produced by the factory and prevent the factory from lowering the rate in production.

After production, you can also request samples from your China factory to ensure that the product meets your quality standards.

2.3. How to select the suitable toy suppliers?

Select suitable toy suppliers according to your toy business. If you are a toy retailer, wholesale toys from wholesale toys websites or wholesale toy markets are the best option. If you are a wholesaler or want to buy toys in bulk, you need to go to toy manufacturing bases or toy fairs to find wholesale toy suppliers for you.

You also need to find out if the toy supplier can provide toys that meet the You also need to find out if the toy supplier can provide toys that meet the quality toys requirements. requirements. You can check their qualifications and toy certificates. If you want to ship toys from China to Europe, you can ask if the factory has an EN71 test guarantee number and a CE certificate. If you’re going to import toys from China to the USA, their toys must comply with ASTM F963 standards. If you’re selling toys on Amazon, then the toys you purchase must have a CPC certificate.

Of course, this is easiest for you if you find a toy sourcing agent to help you choose the right toy supplier. Because all you need to do is tell them your requirements and help you find the right toy supplier for you, you don’t need to worry about that.


It is all a complete guide on finding a toy supplier from China, if you have any further questions, please be kind enough to contact us, and we will assist you.

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