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As your partner, we help you sourcing toys from China. We can help you wholesale toys directly from toy manufacturers, take you to toy markets to import toys, and of course as your China sourcing agent, we will help you not only order toys, but also follow up orders, QC, final loading and shipping, giving you a total one-stop service.

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Who we are

Professional China supplier, best China sourcing company. We can give you the best sourcing service, help you import products from China.

Why we are

9 years of sourcing experience so that can help you find factories for the best price, confirm and follow-up orders, quality control, and finally shipping to you.

Where we are

We are located in Yiwu, near Yiwu International Trade City. We can guide you to sourcing in the Yiwu market, help you find the most suitable factory for you.

How it starts

Whether you want to wholesale from Yiwu, or sourcing product from China, even customized products, just contact us, your agent will help you.

If you want to learn how to source toys from China, or want to buy wholesale toys directly from Chinese manufacturers. Just send us a request for a quote and our sourcing agents will help you with everything you need to do to import toys from China.

Your toy buying agent will help you contact toy suppliers for catalogs or quotes. Or you provide pictures and information about the toys you want to purchase, and the sourcing agent will help you find factories and get quotes for you.

Once you have confirmed your order, your sourcing agent will help you contact various Chinese toy manufacturers to help you arrange production of your order according to your requirements.

We will place your order with the factory. If there are any problems during the ordered arrangement and production, we will communicate with you in time.

When all production is complete, your purchasing agent will go to the factory and help you inspect the toys one by one to check the quality and whether they meet your requirements. Finally he will send you the inspection report.

Finally your China sourcing agent will contact your shipping agent, or contact his own shipping agent to help you arrange the container and finally help you load and ship it out.

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