One day work in Shantou toy market in China

How we work in shantou toy market of China?

It’s easy and relaxes for you. Just like shopping in the supermarket.

#1. First, you need an agent to take you into the exhibition hall, you can’t come alone without an agent.

#2. The toys exhibition hall is too big so the staff will guide you to find the toys you want. 

#3. In the toys showroom, you just need push the shopping cart to choose the toy you want into the cart. The staff will scan the toys detail and finally show you the price.

#4. After selecting toys, you can take a rest and drink coffee in the meeting room.

#5. Finally the staff will print the quotation list for you, you can check the price and also can ask the factory come to confirm.

What inside of toys market in Shantou

Before you come to shantou toys market, you need a complete guide to know how to work in here. You can check our market guide in shantou, and contact to us.

Shoutou Toys Market

#1. The production base of toys in China;

#2. More than 12,000 toys factories and manufacturers;

#3. Unique exhibition hall mode, choose toys like shopping in the supermarket;

#4. Factory outlets, you can get the quotation list including factory details;

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