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It’s the guide of made in China toys. As we know, toys business has become a lucrative business, and every day the demand for these toys is growing.

It’s a fact that China today is the world-leading manufacturer of toys globally. If you’re looking to import cheap but quality toys then China is your one-stop-shop since China is the world’s largest wholesale toys supplier.

With that being said importing toys from China perhaps is your best biggest business idea but where do you start? Importing toys from China just like any other outsourcing of a product has its handles. 

If you’re stuck and you’re just looking at how to buy toys from China then this is your lucky day!

In this article we shall help you with a comprehensive guide on how to wholesale made in china toys from China wholesale market, the best toy manufactures, how to identify legit suppliers of toys in China, give you a list of toys China factories, and all the nitty-gritty information regarding the importation of toys from China.

1. Why we should wholesale made in china toys

Table Header Table Header
China toy manufacturers have been able to produce toys that are unique and replicas of fictional characters or objects.
It’s globally known that if you need cheap toys then China Toy Market is the one-stop-shop for such.
In China most of their workers are skilled and nearly all toys sold in America and Europe are outsourced from China.
Demand and supply capacity
China has the ability to manufacture any quantity of toys within a very short duration of time.
Wide Variety of toys in China to choose from
China has every toy you can think of and they can design anything to suit your preference.
Better logistics
China has a very well-coordinated logistic infrastructure that can ship products in any part of the world whether by air or by water.
Ease of payment
You can pay your goods electronically from any part of the world using the online banking system and you have the ability to track your shipped order as well.

2. Made in China toys list you need to know.

I know you’re wondering what are the made in china toys we can import from China? Or which type of China toys can you import from China? As we know, China is the world’s largest toy factory. So you can import all types of toys from China, and also the China toy market is flexible enough you can customize your toys as per your wish. 

Whether you looking to import new designs of toys, the classical toys, China toy wholesale market has everything you might be looking for.

Below we have classified toys that you can import from China based on made in china toy category, the toys available, and the manufacturer areas of these categories in China.

Made in ChinaToy Catagories Made in China Toys Manufacture Areas in China
Remote control toys
cars, tanks, boats, RC helicopters, drones, planes, quadrocopter among others
Chenghai and Shenzhen
Learning and Educational Toys
mega blocks, piggy bank, bubble blocks, balance puzzle, magic scratch paper, five little fish, Magna-tiles, magnetic blocks, geometry toys, periodic table building blocks among many others
Yunhe (Zheijiang province) and Guangdong Province
Action Figures Toys
star wars, transformers, WWE, Marvel, DC Comics, Power Rangers, Spiderman, batman, fortnight, Jurassic World, Roblox, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Paw Patrol, among others
Fujian, Chenghai
Electronic Toys
drones, remote control toys, electronic pets, electronic learning toys, electronic, robot toys, toy phones, toy cameras, Tamagotchi, toy walkie-talkies and so much more
Shantou and Shenzhen
Inflatable Toys
inflatable guitars, body bumpers, inflatable unicorns, inflatable sprinklers, inflatable emoji balls, inflatable aliens, inflatable pets, and so much more
Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Guangdong
Truck ride-on, motorcycle ride-on, walking horse, animals ride on, wagon ride on, tractors, cars, ATVs, Gators, go-carts among many others
Hebei, Zhejiang, Guangdong
Musical Instruments toys
Toy Piano and keyboards, Toy guitars and string instruments, toy microphones, toy instruments sets, toy drums, and music play among others
Hebei, Guangdong, Zhejiang
Stuffed Toys
These are dolls or plush toys. They are the stuffed bears, stuffed elephants, fish, cats, cows, and many more
Yangzhou, Qingdao, Yiwu, Dongguan
Classic Toys
All-time toys, bears, cars, guitars, kaleidoscopes, trains, and many others
Chenghai, Yiwu
Infant Toys/ Baby Toys
egg shakers, fireflies, dolls, rattles, among others
Yangzhou, Guangzhou, Wenzhou, Dongguan
Models & Building Toys
All kinds of building blocks
Chenghai and Yiwu
Puzzles & DIY Toys
Puzzle toys and magic cubes toys
Chenghai for puzzles and Yiwu for DIY craft toys

If you need to buy made in china toys from China, you should know where to find chinese toys. China has the best wholesale market for toys in the world today and at the lowest prices. For those who might be looking to buy toys from China in wholesale packages well, here are the best-known toys wholesale markets available.

3.1 Top 8 China toys wholesale market

It’s one of the biggest toy wholesale markets in China today. Here you will find more than 3000 suppliers of inflating toys, regular toys, electronic toys, fabric plush toys among many others.

yiwu wholesale market

This is the home of plastic toys in China. Here you will find over 8000 suppliers of plastic toys. Prices on this market are as cheap as compared to other markets and they produce more quality toys than other cheaper areas.

shantou toys market guide

3. Lingyi Yongxing China Toys Market

In the southern China toy market, it’s known the biggest toy wholesale market is the Yiwu Toys Market but in north China, the biggest is Lingyi Yongxing China Toys Market. Here you will find over 4000 suppliers of toys mostly dealing with electronic toys, plastic toys, classical, toys, and plush toys among others.

4. Yangzhou Wutinglong international Toys & Gift City

If your looking for stuffed toys then Yangzhou Wutinglong international Toys & Gift City market is the one-stop shop. Here there are over 3000 shops selling plush toys, plush gifts, and other plush materials.

5. Baigou Plush Toys wholesale market

Another in the line of stuffed toys is the Baigou plush toys wholesale market. Here you will find cheaper but lower quality plush toys than Yangjiang Wutinglong international Toys & Gift City.

baigou toys market

6. Yunhe Wooden Toys market

For those who would wish to import wooden toys from China wholesale, the Yunhe Wooden Toys Market is the place to look at. Here you will find overall toys sold 80% are made of wood. This is the source of all wooden toys in China.

Yunhe Wooden Toys market

7. Zhengzhou Toys wholesale market

Another wholesale market for toys available in China is the Zhengzhou Toys wholesale market. The toys here are of lower price and the MOQ is a bit lower as well.

Zhengzhou Toys wholesale market

8. Guangzhou Toys Wholesale market

Guangzhou Toys Wholesale market is one of the biggest wholesale markets for toys in China. Here there more than 2000 suppliers of toys and all spread across the city. Prices are competitive and quality is also to the standard.

guagnzhou toy market

3.2. 4 Ways to Find china toys supplier

As an importer one of the most critical processes in the outsourcing of toys from china is identifying a supplier who will give you quality toys and at an affordable price. Nearly all toy suppliers in China you talk to will tell you that they have a factory where they manufacture toys which in most cases it isn’t true.

Most of the suppliers you will find online are middlemen who source the toys you’re looking for but they aren’t the actual manufacturers. To find the right supplier you need to do the following:

1. Attend the China Fairs to get the Right Vendor

China Toys Fair

If you have the capacity as an importer to travel to China well you can attend the China toy Fairs where you can identify a supplier and it’s even easier since you can request to see the actual product and inspect it and also request customization to your needs.

The leading toys fair in China are:

2. Source Toys on China Wholesale Sites

Online sourcing of toys of very common and it’s the first gateway to finding the right supplier and a toy factory. Just as there is Amazon and eBay there is always a Chinese B2B marketplace where you can find toys at retail and wholesale prices.

The top China B2B marketplaces are:

Having listed the online toys market places many importers normally wonder whether it’s safe to buy toys directly from these marketplaces or it’s better to directly source the toys from the factory?

Well if you’re buying toys in bulk you need wholesale prices and the best place to outsource the toys is directly from the factory, or if you need some customizations then the manufacturing factory becomes the best option for you.

In case you are importing just a small number of toys from china then these online toy marketplaces would be a good source but before placing an order, conduct enough research on the supplier.

When you decide to import toys from China you can’t ignore the need to source a toys sourcing agent to help you with the task at hand. Working with Chinese salespeople especially when you are a foreigner it isn’t an easy task.

The language barrier, cultural differences, and even understanding the best locations might be an uphill task. Sometimes as an importer you don’t even have the time to meet with the manufacturer in china and thus agents come in handy.

You should consider working with a China sourcing agent or a trading company that has been in the industry for a while since they will help you get the best toys, connect you with the best toy factory, help you with the quality inspection process, logistics, packaging and moreover control the risks involved while importing from China.

4. Make Use of Search Engines and Social Platforms to look for China Toy Supplier

You can’t ignore the role social media and search engines have played to make the world a global village. Everything is online and you can find each and everything you’re looking for right from the comfort of your couch. Just make use of search engines such as Google, Bing, Duck Duck go among others to search for toy suppliers in China.

Social media platforms such as Twitter Facebook Instagram, LinkedIn among others have become avenues for these companies in china to advertise their services. Now that you are aware you can start by searching, wholesale china toy suppliers, and the results will overwhelm you.

4. Is it safe to wholesale made in china toys

One of the biggest questions that arise when an importer wants to import China toys is, how do you check the quality of toys from China?

Toys are meant for children and children always have to be protected. Children normally taste toys and assuming the toy has lead, toxins or it can electrocute a child then it ceases from being a toy and it becomes a health hazard and a danger to the child.

Many countries in the world have strict regulations and high requirements which apply to the importation of toys. It’s always advisable to familiarize yourself with the local compliance laws for toys before importing. Below are some of the laws guiding the importation of toys in the U.S and E.U market.

4.1 For the American importers ASTM F963 is a must

One needs to comply with ASTM F963. Toys must meet all the compliance and standards set under this regulations for children under the age of 12. Testing and certifications must be done for all these toys before being allowed to be sold in the U.S market. Testing comprises mechanical, chemical, and flammability testing. The toys also have to comply with CPSIA which deals with lead and phthalates test and other labelling tests. For toys designed for children above the age of 14 these regulations do not apply.

4.2 For Europe importers, need to comply with EN 71 -1,2,3

Every importer who is importing toys for the European market has to comply with the Toy Safety Directive E71-1,2,3 and toys should have a CE mark. For bulky importers, the cost of tests is cheaper but for small quantity importers, the cost of these tests is very high. Failure to pass these tests will make your shipment marked as a health standard and non-compliant with the safety standard and can’t be sold in any European market.

5. How Do You Identify Fake Toys From China?

Counterfeit toys or some bootleg toys are all over, and the failure to spot an original toy and a counterfeit might be costly to the business and also a danger to the end-user. Fake toys are all over online and it’s not easy to differentiate between an original toy from china and a counter fake toy from china.

Though they look genuine and to the standard, a fake toy hasn’t passed the safety and compliance regulations therefore, it might electrocute your child, might have hazardous material such as lead or excessive chemicals that are harmful to the end-user. Such toys even end up having missing parts and do not even work which in turn brings about a loss to the importer.

You can identify a fake toy online using these tips.

i. Make a comparison of prices: Even though China is known to have literally low prices of toys, fake toys have extraordinary cheap prices because they have been made with very low-quality material.

ii. Before making a purchase ask for the test and quality standard certification paperwork.

iii. Search for the quality marks whether they exist on the toys these are CE, WEEE, and FCC

iv. Examine labeling requirements – when the labeling is wrong then that’s a big sign this is a fake toy.

v. Watch out for grammatical spelling errors in the labeling

vi. If the supplier doesn’t give enough information regarding the toy and they hardly reply to emails then keep off.

vii. Remember to look at whether the manufacturer or your supplier has a warranty and a product return policy and read it.

6. How to pay the money to the chinese toy manufacturer

When you identify a manufacturer and everything else is in place then you just need to pay for the goods and depending on your agreement a down payment may be agreed upon to commence the work. One of the stages many importers get stuck is the payment gateway but we have decided to help you as an importer and provide options that you might use for paying for products.

6.1 Cash in advance option

Cash in advance usually means pay before the manufacturer ships your products which can be done by wire transfer or through credit card. This option of paying goods is favorable to the manufacturer but not to the importer. Goods may be compromised in terms of quality and you don’t have so much control over the byproduct.

6.2 Letters of Credit

This is one of the safest methods of payments most favorable to importers and exporters. An importer pays money to their bank for the credit and the toy manufacturer delivers the toys as per the requirements and only then is the money released to the manufacturer.

6.3 Documentary Collections

In this payment option, the exporter bank works with the importer bank to collect the money on behalf of the manufacturer. The toys usually can be delivered before the payment is done or can be delivered after the payment has been done, it all depends on the method of documentary collection used.

6.4 Open Account payment option

This is one of the most preferred methods of paying for toys preferred by many importers. Usually, the money is paid after the importation of toys and there is an agreement where the importer has to pay after 30, 60, or 90 days after delivery of goods. When an importer is cash strained and requires some cash flow then this becomes the next best option.

6.5 Consignment payment option

This is another preferred mode of payment by an importer but usually, it’s not preferred by the toy manufacturer since the risks are high. The payment is done after the importer receives the goods and sells the goods. To the manufacturer, this is risky since the importer might not pay for the goods once there sold.

7. How Can I Ship Toys From China?

Shipping is one of the key components of the toy business an importer should familiarize with. The mode of shipping one chooses might be costly to the importer or might work in their favor. There are several important key processes involved in shipping that one should familiarize with.

1. Choose the most suitable shipping method for your toys

These three international transportation methods are available for toy importers across the globe. That’s the sea, land, and air. 90% of importers prefer the sea since it’s cheaper and safer as well compared to air transportation. The sea normally has its demerits such as time of delivery might be over a month however the benefits especially on costs outweigh the demerits.


2. Transportation costs

Upon identification of the most suitable transportation mode, one should familiarize themselves the right incoterm that’s either

a) FAS – Free Alongside

b) FOB – Free on Board

c) CFR – Cost and Freight

d) CIF – Cost, Insurance & Freight

Many toy importers prefer the FOB while others do take CIF. It all depends on you as an importer whichever the least costly option to take. All the calculations regarding transportation fall under one of these incoterms.

3. Warehouse, Inspection and Port of Entry Fees

Toys imported from China just like all other products upon arriving at the port of destination will have to be inspected and there might be cost. Remember also you have to pay tax to your country and delay will cost you a storage fee.

4. Work with a custom expert

Working with an expert at the point of entry of your shipped toys will ease your work as an importer. These customs experts ensure every tax, fee, and necessary permit and documentation that certifies compliance are in order. Approved custom brokers charge a fee however it’s worth it.

5. Import Duties

When importing toys from China as earlier said there are import duties that apply and they differ from country to country. Familiarize yourself with the import duty before shipping products.

When most likely will the imported toys arrive?

Before finalizing the deal one of the most important elements in importation is shipping time. If you require your toys to arrive at the destination much faster then air transportation becomes the best option. Toys shipped through the sea normally take up 15-30 days to reach the United States, while South America is 35-50 days, while 30-50 days to reach Europe and to Southeast Asia countries 7-15 days. With this information at hand, you can be able to estimate when most likely your toys will arrive.

Above is a guideline on how best to find credible toy suppliers in China. We do hope this guide will ease the process of importing toys from China and moreover it has given you more insights into the China toy market.

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