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wholesale party supplies from China are the best way for you to begin your party supplies wholesale business. China has the world’s largest wholesale market for party supplies, where you can find all kinds of categories of party products.

You may not know that most of the world’s party supplies are from Chinese manufacturers, like Party City, Qualatex Balloon, and other companies’ products, most of which are produced and sold in China.

Before you can source party supplies from China, there are 6 steps you need to know in order to source party products from China.

6 Steps to wholesale party supplies from China

#1. Find the right wholesale party supplies supplier.

#2. Select party supplies made in China and place orders.

#3. Confirm the order with a Chinese manufacturer and arrange the production.

#4. Arrange for container loading and customs declaration in China.

#5. Find a shipping company agent to assist you in completing customs declarations and shipping to your port.

#6. When the container arrives at your port, the shipping company agent will do the customs clearance and ship the goods to your warehouse.

The biggest party supplies wholesale market in China

yiwu wholesale market

When we start importing party supplies from China, we need to know where we would be better off importing party supplies from. The biggest party supplies wholesale market is located in Yiwu wholesale market.

Here you can purchase a variety of party supplies, and holiday supplies, such as Christmas supplies, Halloween supplies, birthday party decorations, latex balloons, foil balloons, and other various party products.

The wholesale market of party supplies is located on the first floor of Yiwu International Trade City, District 1. mainly concentrated in Area C.

Of course, if you want to purchase Christmas supplies, you need to look for suppliers on the third floor of Yiwu International Trade City, District 1, Area A. The wholesalers of Christmas supplies are mainly concentrated here.

Made in China party supplies list

In addition to knowing where to find party product suppliers, we also need to know which party supplies are made in China. This way we can do a better job of planning our purchases.

Here I will show you the list of made-in-China party supplies. And also you can check the details of our party supplies catalog.

According to this list, you can find out which party supplies are made in China. Then you can look at those products you are more interested in. You can start your purchasing plan now.

Best 8 China wholesale websites to wholesale party supply online.

In addition to finding Chinese party supplies wholesalers offline, we can also find Chinese supplies wholesalers online, which allows you to contact Chinese manufacturers directly from home.

Next, I will introduce 8 of the best wholesale websites in China to help you find China party supplies wholesalers online.

#1. Party Dream–

#2. Alibaba–

#3. DHgate–

#4. Global Sources–

#5. Made In China–

#6. HKTDC–

#7. Yiwugo–

#8. AliExpress–

Party Dream is a Chinese party supplies wholesaler located in Yiwu, the first party supplies wholesaler in Yiwu. They have over 10 years of experience in party supplies wholesaling and can provide one-stop party supplies sourcing service.

Compared to ordinary suppliers, they don’t just wholesale party products to you, they can also assist you with the sourcing process and help you with all the work of importing party supplies from China, including arranging containers and shipping to your port.

As we all know, Alibaba is the largest online wholesale website in the world and the largest wholesale website in China. You can find any product you want to purchase on it, including party supplies of course.

How to wholesale party supplies online through Alibaba? It’s easy, you just need to look for the corresponding party supplies name in the search box on the home page, and you will find many party supplies as well as suppliers.

Here is a recommended wholesale party supplier for you from Alibaba. They are wholesalers as well as aluminum film balloon manufacturers. Maybe they can give you some help.

If you are just starting your wholesale party supplies business, DHgate is the best choice besides recommending you Party Dream. A fast and easy wholesale buying experience is their goal.

DHgate is good for small orders, so if you want to buy some samples first, or buy wholesale party supplies in small quantities first, then he is your best choice. And the more you buy, the more you save.

Global Sources is a well-known Chinese wholesale website that is a one-stop platform for all your sourcing needs. Like DHgate and Alibaba, it serves as an online wholesale marketplace that connects sellers with sellers and provides transaction security.

It is also a trade show facilitator, where you can clearly check and learn about all the trade shows in China. However, here, you can not buy directly, you need to send a request for quotation like a supplier, then communicate and negotiate with the party supplies suppliers on price, delivery, payment, etc., and finally confirm the order.

Made-in-China is one of the oldest Chinese wholesale websites, and I believe many of you know it as an online wholesale website where you can find the right party supplies directly and confirm your order directly with the supplier.

Is Made-in-China safe? Please be assured that it has a payment mechanism and they will pay the seller only when the buyer confirms the receipt in the backend. So once you have any problems, you can appeal like the platform, which greatly guarantees your interests.

HKTDC (Hong Kong Trade Development Council) is Hong Kong’s online wholesale marketplace with over 130,000 Chinese manufacturers. If you have ever been to a trade show in Hong Kong, you must have heard of it. He is the initiator of the Hong Kong trade show.

Here you can find direct manufacturers of party supplies. Because the manufacturers here are all Chinese suppliers who have participated in the Hong Kong exhibition, they are very professional and if you want to purchase party supplies in large quantities, it is your best choice.

Yiwugo is an online wholesale website for Yiwu wholesale market. If you want to purchase party supplies directly from Yiwu wholesale market online, then yiwugo is the best choice for you.

Each storefront here corresponds to an offline Yiwu market wholesale storefront, and you can contact suppliers directly by phone, mobile number, email, or online.

However, since most suppliers do not speak English, the best way is to use a Chinese sourcing agent to help you get a quote and complete your purchase after you find the right supplier.

AliExpress is the largest B2C website under Alibaba, and also a B2B wholesale website. Similar to DHgate, if you want to purchase party products in small quantities or purchase samples of party products first, then this is a site you can consider and learn about.

You can order directly from the platform, and if you buy more, you can also get a better price. Of course, then you need to buy a small number of wholesale party supplies, you better contact the store directly to get the best price.

How to order party supplies with China manufacturer

Once you have found the right Chinese manufacturer and picked out the products you want to purchase, you should start arranging to place your order.

Usually, the Chinese supplier will prepare a proforma invoice for you, and after you confirm all the terms, you just need to pay for the goods and they will arrange the production for you.

Of course, if you are wholesaling party supplies online, then generally you are trading directly through a platform such as Alibaba. When you pay for the goods, you are actually paying Alibaba to know that you have received the goods and confirmed receipt before Alibaba will credit the supplier, making your purchase more secure.

However, there are still two tips you need to be aware of here.

TIPS 1: About payment.

If the transaction is done offline, you need to confirm the payment method with the Chinese supplier and deal with him through a method that best suits your needs. 

Common payment methods are:

#1. Full payment before order;

#2. 30% down payment, the balance before shipment;

#3. 30% deposit, 70% balance against BL copy.

You can choose the payment method that best suits your needs based on the amount of the order, and by negotiating with the supplier. Generally speaking, the third one, 30% deposit, 70% balance against BL copy is the most favorable payment method for the buyer.

TIPS 2: About Quality Control

Generally speaking, when we place an order, our biggest concern is the quality of the product, whether it can meet or even exceed our expectations. If you are looking for a party supplies wholesale supplier like Party Dream, they will show you the quality of the product by taking pictures and videos to show you whether it meets your requirements after the production is over, one by one.

If you are working directly with a wholesale supplier or manufacturer, it is best to first understand the quality of the product through pictures or videos. When the goods are produced, you can ask them to take pictures or videos for you to check the product quality.

At the same time, you can also find a Chinese sourcing agent to help you to do product quality inspection, they will issue a report to you, the general cost is 150 U.S. dollars a day.

How to ship party supplies from China

When you have finished producing all your products, all that remains is to transport the goods to your warehouse. You can choose between sea, air or land transport depending on the goods you order.

Of course, you can also choose whether to have it delivered directly to your warehouse or to have the customs clearance company clear it for you upon arrival at the port and get a trailer to transport it to your warehouse.

For starters, you can ask your supplier to ship directly to your warehouse for you, so you don’t have to waste time contacting freight companies and customs clearance companies to pick up your goods from the port.


Import party supplies from China, learn how to find party supplies suppliers online or offline, then learn about the list of party supplies made in China. When the order is confirmed, confirm the payment method and quality inspection, and finally ship to your warehouse. This is actually very simple, if you don’t understand anything feel free to leave a comment and tell us.

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