12 things for safe buying on Dhgate

(Last Updated On: 2022-06-25)

1. What is DHgate?

DHgate.com is a cross-border business-to-business (B2B) e-commerce platform that facilitates trade from suppliers to small and medium-sized retailers. It is one of the largest B2B cross-border e-commerce trade platforms in China. The company is headquartered in Beijing and has offices worldwide, including the United States and the United Kingdom. As of June 30, 2020, the platform has 31 million registered global buyers, 2.2 million sellers and other countries/regions from more than 220 countries and regions, and 32 million products available.

DHgate was founded by Diane Wang in Beijing in August 2004 and officially launched in 2005.

DHgate sells a wide range of products, including a range of electronics, apparel, health and beauty products, and more. It is considered the largest digital platform in China focused on B2B transactions and supports 8 languages including Chinese, English, Russian, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Italian, and French.

2. Is DHgate safe?

Is dhgate safe, is dhgate legit, is dhgate a scam site, are the things bought on dhgate counterfeit? I believe many people who want to buy from dhgate have these doubts. But what are the facts?

As we know, Dhgate is a B2B e-commerce platform with real sellers on it. These real sellers are suppliers and manufacturers from different industries, all their products are real transactions, so Dhgate is a legitimate platform, he is not a scam site, he is a safe site, you can buy on it with confidence.

They will have a series of consumer protection policies to make your consumption safer. So you can purchase on DHgate again with confidence, it is safe.

Of course, there are some infringing and counterfeit goods sold on Dhgate. If you want to buy branded goods, such as Nike or Adidas, you need to have some discernment, you need to learn to find a reliable supplier. And about how to pick a reliable supplier, I will mention later.

3. Why is DHgate so cheap?

First of all, for suppliers, it’s free for them to join Dhfate, and they can save a significant amount of cost compared to other B2B e-commerce sites that charge. So the platform to individual products, their cost can be reduced a lot, and the product price is cheap.

Secondly, most of the suppliers on top of dhgate are manufacturers or wholesalers, so their prices are very competitive. You know, eBay and Amazon sellers also often purchase from them and sell. So for you, you are buttressing the source supplier, you get a naturally cheap price, and if you have a large quantity, their price is the lowest.

If the quality of the product is defined purely by price, this approach is not reliable. As the world’s factory, China sells goods to forget the world, so when you source from Chinese source suppliers, you get the same quality of goods at the cheapest price.

4. How to find a reliable seller on DHgate?

Based on the research of sellers on Dhgate, I found the common denominator of reliable sellers. For us consumers, we only need to understand the characteristics of reliable sellers, we can easily find them and deal with them directly.

1. They usually only sell similar products. For a professional supplier or manufacturer, they usually only sell or manufacture one type of product, and of course they are competitive enough for this type of product. For example, if you search for “”USB data cable””, if their home only supplies data cables, or charging-related products, then we can judge that this seller is a direct source supplier.

2. they usually have clearer product pictures and specifications information. When you search for “”USB data cable””, you can see pictures and product information for each product that you can compare. If they have clear pictures, detailed product information, and a complete after-sales policy, then you can tell if they are a reliable seller. 3.

3. If you want to find a big seller, then you can also determine if they have a warehouse in your country. For some big sellers, they have a long-term business plan, so they usually set up warehouses in some target countries. 4.

4. Finally, you can also look at the product reviews. If they have too many bad reviews, then you can simply ignore this supplier. Generally reliable sellers, most of their product reviews are positive and make consumers appreciate the reviews.

5. How to Identify DHgate Reviews

Reviews seem to be available on all e-commerce platforms, like eBay, Amazon, etc.. Through reviews, you can learn about other people for this item, and even learn the real situation of this seller. You can directly judge whether the seller is reliable or not.

Generally, we can check the reviews and even the real pictures of the products in the reviews to know the real situation of the products.

Of course, for those negative comments, we have to analyze the reasons for them. This may be a complaint that the merchant is too slow to respond; it may be because the product sold is different from the product received by the customer; it may also be high shipping costs, and of course, there will be some scams. There are many different scenarios here, and we need to learn to read these reviews to determine if the merchant is safe.

6. Why do we need to filter the sellers on Dhgate

As we said earlier, there is no fee to enter Dhgate to become a supplier. So this is for ordinary people who can sell products directly on top of the platform, only need to provide personal ID. Such a low threshold allows many bad sellers to enter dhgate, which is the main reason why many people think dhgate is not trustworthy.

In addition, in dhgate, most sellers are small sellers. Because direct factories or large wholesalers usually choose to sell their products on alibaba.com.

So when we buy something on dhgate, we need to identify whether the seller is reliable or not.

7. What is the delivery time and delivery method of dhgate?

About the delivery time, normally if you just buy the product in small quantities, it is basically in stock for the merchant. So normally we only need to consider the shipping time. If you choose UPS, DHL, FedEx and other express shipping, you can usually get a time through the official, which may be 5-7 days. But due to COVID-19, the package needs to be sterilized, so this time will become longer.

Regarding the shipping cost, if the merchant has free shipping service, then normally they will choose the cheaper courier company, and the corresponding shipping time will become long. If you choose the above-mentioned well-known courier companies, such as UPS, DHL, etc., then the cost will have to be calculated according to the weight and volume of the goods.

8. How to pay on dhgate

Dhgate supports all kinds of credit and debit card payments, and of course you can also pay with your e-wallet or PayPal. You can choose from a variety of payment methods that suit you, and rest assured that it is secure.

The most common payment method is credit card payment. Many people are concerned about whether it is safe to pay by credit card. Of course, please rest assured. Because the money you pay is transferred directly to Dhgate first, and only when you confirm receipt of the product will the money be transferred to the seller. So if you are not satisfied with the product you received, you can always appeal to the platform.

Of course, if the seller wants you to pay him directly, please make sure to refuse him. Because you pay from the platform, the platform can provide you with protection. If you pay the seller privately, then you are likely to be cheated and your rights are not protected.

9. Can you buy branded or luxury replicas from DHgate?

A lot of people have always been curious about replicas of some brands and they want to know where they can buy them. They often ask me if they can buy replicas of brands or luxury goods from DHdate.

The replicas of these brands are very popular. There are many sellers on Dhgate who sell replicas of various brands or luxury goods. You can easily find these products.

But the most important thing is that you need to know how to identify a reliable seller. We have talked about this point earlier. Secondly, you must accept that these replicas, which do not have the quality and material of the genuine product, can only be infinitely close, and not identical.

Of course, you can also easily find a lot of videos on how to buy replicas on YouTube above.

10. Is DHgate Safe? | Return & Refund Policy

First of all, dhgate has established a series of consumer protection rights and policies, especially the return policy. Sellers must comply with these rules to sell products on the platform, and at this point, it greatly protects our rights. Only you guarantee that you are trading on the platform.

If you do not receive the goods, or if the goods received do not match the description, or if the package received is damaged, you can directly raise the return of goods and other after-sales services on the platform above.

Of course, do not click “Confirm Receipt” before confirming whether the goods meet the requirements. Once you click on the confirmation of receipt, the platform will default you have confirmed the quality of the goods, they will pay the seller directly. If you are not satisfied with the product you receive in this case, it is difficult to apply for the refund policy provided by the platform.

11. Which is better, DHgate vs AliExpress?

This question I think depends on the quantity of products you want to purchase. dhgate is a B2B site, while Aliexpress is just a retail site. So if you want to purchase more quantity and hope the price can be cheaper, I still recommend Dhgate.

Of course Dhgate is a long established B2B website, from user experience, seller quality, product quantity and so on will be better than Aliexpress.

12. Which is better, DHgate vs Alibaba?

Alibaba International is the world’s leading B2B international trade e-commerce platform, if compared with Dhgate, I certainly still recommend alibaba.com

alibabba.com’s merchant size, product coverage, and site views are dozens of times higher than DHGATE. Most factories and large wholesalers in China choose alibaba.com as their main B2B website, so you can find all kinds of reliable suppliers and even direct factories here. Of course, generally they have higher MOQ.

If you are looking for small wholesale, then you can compare dhgate and Alibaba. If you want to buy in bulk, then I highly recommend alibaba


Dhgate is a safe, legal and reliable B2B website where you can buy products cheaper, but with the same quality as Amazon and eBay.

And when you buy products on it, learn how to judge reliable merchants, through product pictures, descriptions and reviews to select reliable goods, so that you can buy here any product you want at a good price.

I hope this can help you. If you have any other questions, please feel free to leave a message with us and we will answer them one by one.

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