Best 14 FAQ When Import China Toys

This article is the best 14 FAQs when import China toys. China is the world-leading exporter of toys in the global market and nearly every importer of toys set their eyes on toys from China to outsource the toys they need.

China being the hub of importation of toys normally supplies the global market with both retail and wholesale market at a very cost effective rates than anywhere else in the world.

The import of China toys has grown tremendously and this is because any well-known brand is readily available as you can see here and can be customized to your specific needs as you wish.

Importation of toys from china can be hectic especially if you don’t have a lot of information regarding toy import from china such as the one provided here. You need to know how to go about it so that you don’t get substandard toys from china.

To avoid such you need outsourcing agents with a reputation such as Dragon Toy Service where you can be guaranteed all your needs regarding toy importation will be handles professionally. 

In case your looking on information on how to import toys from china well we have a FAQs guide on every question you might have regarding toy importation from china. We do know you have a lot of questions regarding toy importation from china and here are some of the questions and answers we normally get.

Why Import China Toys?

Well, this is a very good question and to answer that in conclusiveness we shall start by saying China is the best country to outsource wholesale toys for various reasons.  China is the world’s largest exporter of toys and nearly every importer of toys whether a retailer or a wholesaler they outsource their toys from this country.

In the China toy market you will find every toy you’re looking for and you can as well customize the toys according to your needs.

Prices of toys in china are very favorable relatively cheap to say the least compared to other global markets.

The list of made in china toys


If your looking to import toys from china then below is a list of toys that are available from toy manufacturers in china where you can order. A comprehensive list with a more detailed guide can be found here

1. Action figures toys (G.I . Joe, Toy soldier, The Smurfs Merchandising, Transformers etc)

2. Animals toys ( My little Pony,  Stick Horse, Filly, Rocking Horse)

3. Cars and radio controlled toys ( Corgi, Tonka, Matchbox, Slot Cars)

4. Construction toys ( Marklin, Rokenbok, Lego, Zome etc)

5. Creative toys (Rainbow Loom, Lego,  Stickers,  Coloforms, Silly Putty, etc)

6. Dolls toys (Barbie, Tedddy Bear, Celebrity Doll, lupita doll, Vodoo doll apple doll, etc)

7. Educational toys (Ant farm, Speak & Spell, lego Mindstorms NXT )

8. Electronic toys ( Digital pet, Robot kit, USB toy, etc)

9. Executive toys (magic 8-ball, pin art, drnking bird, etc)

10. Food-related toys ( eazy bake oven, tea set,etc)

11. Games toys (life, mouse trap, game boy, Nintendo entertainment system, life, battleship, etc)

12. Model building toys (model car, model aircraft, model railway)

13. Physical activity and dexterity toys (kite, big wheel, jump rope, jacks, laser tag, etc)

14. Puzzle/assembly toys (jigsaw puzzle, puzzle, mr potato head)

15. Science and optical toys ( kaleidoscope,  sea monkeys, magic 8 ball, zoetrap,etc)

16. Sound toys ( moo box, kazoo,  Toy rattle, whistle, piano,etc)

17. Spinning toys (pinwheel, top,Beyblade,etc)

18. Wooden Toys

Top 8 Toy Wholesale Markets In China

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 In case your searching for china toys wholesale market below are the available toys wholesale markets that you will find in china dealing with all types of toys.

  1. Yiwu Toys Wholesale Market
  2. Guangzhou Toys Wholesale market
  3. Baigou Plush Toys wholesale market
  4. Lingyi Yongxing China Toys Market
  5. Yangjiang Wutinglong international Toys & Gift City
  6. Yunhe Wooden Toys market
  7. Zhengzhou Toys wholesale market
  8. Shantou China Toys Market

Which Are The Most Popular China Toys

Education toy

You might be wondering which are the most popular toys in China as of today. Well we have listed the most popular toys in china today which you as an importer of toys should go for. Also Check the catalogue of pricing on these toys here from a reputable professional sourcing agent such as Dragon Toy

The most popular China toys list:

  • Construction and building toys
  • Plush toys
  • Games
  • Puzzles educational toys
  • Remote control toys
  • Arts and crafts toys
  • Model vehicle toys
  • Electronic toys
  • Dolls
  • Outdoor toys
  • Sports toys


Above are some of the most popular toys categories in china today with the highest sales growth according to data from Euromonitor.

Where to find the best china toy sipplier

To find the best toy suppliers in china today the factory location is the key determinant to what type of toys you can find in that area. 

There are thousands of toy suppliers in china today and it can be overwhelming when looking for toys to import from china. Below are some of the locations where you can find thousands of toy suppliers however if you don’t want to go through all that we can outsource for you all the toys you’re looking for as we are the leading china toy sourcing agents as you can view here.  

Having a professional China Sourcing agent such as Dragon Toy can ease your work as an importer of toys from China. 

I. Chenghai District, Shantou

They say Chenghai district at the heart of Shantou city, Guangdong province is the city of toys. Here in case, you’re looking to import wholesale toys from china then this is the biggest location you can find any toy which is of good quality and of low cost.

Outsourcing toys from manufacturers based in Chenghai through China toy sourcing agents such as Dragon Toy Service Agent will guarantee you quality, reduction of cost, and save you a great amount of time.

Some of the toys you can find here are, high-tech toys, plastic toys, electronic toys, sports toys, educational toys, baby toys, and so much more.

II. Yiwu

For those looking for importation of toys from china in wholesale then Yiwu is the one stop market for toys. Yiwu toy market as of today is the largest wholesale toys market in china and here you will most lilely find all toy brands.

There over 3000 stalls of toys here ranging from toys for toddlers, plush toys, electric toys, regular toys, inflating toys, among many others. So in case you’re looking for China toy wholesale market then Yiwu toys market is the best among all other cities

III. Yangzhou/Qingdao

While the biggest toy supplies can be found in Chenghai and Yiwu cities there are also plenty of toy suppliers in china at Yangzhou and nearly all the stuffed toys available in china are manufactured in Qingdao.

So as a toy importer looking to import toys from China especially the stuffed toys then Yangzhou is the best place to look for.

IV. Yongjia, Zhejiang Province

This is the one stop shop for outdoor toys in China. As a business person who is looking to buy outdoor toys well  Yongjia is the one stop shop for outdoor toys. Many factories that have specialized in outdoor toys in china can be found in this area.

V. Yunhe, Lushui the Wooden Toy City

In china wooden toys are known to originate from one area and that’s in Yunhe, Zhejiang province. This province is the home of nearly all wooden toys suppliers in china.

Manufacturers List Of China Toys .

Here is the list of available china leading toy manufacturers. The toy factories are categorized into the types of toys they specialize in.

Plush & Soft Toy Manufacturers in china

plush toy

I. Woodfield Toys Limited

This company came into existence in the year 2009 and its one of the leading well known manufacturer of soft and activity toys in China. The factory is based in Dongguan, Guangdong, Mainland China.

II. Dongguan Yi Kang Plush Toys Co., Ltd

Dongguan Yi Kang Plush Toys Co., Ltd is one of the biggest toy factories in China that manufactures plush toys, some of there catalogue  items include animal plush toys, plush pet toy, teddy bear, baby plush toy, plush keychain, plush doll, and so forth. The factory has passed the ICTI, ISO, Global security verification audits.

III. Yangzhou D King Toys & Gifts Co., Ltd.

The factory is based in Jiangsu Mainland china and its one of the leading manufacturers of plush toys, pet products, household items and baby toys.  According to the company all there toys are manufactured using the international standards such as the RN-71 and ASTM.

Wooden Toy Manufacturers in China

I. Yunhe Sally Craft Co., Ltd

Yunhe Sally Craft Co, Ltd is one of the leading china’s wooden toys manufacturers. Yunhe is the leading china wooden city and the hub and the base of manufacturing Chinese wooden toys. 

The factory was founded in 2008 and deals with eco-friendly wooden products.  Some of the products they deal with include Bamboo ware, wooden toys, wood crafts, wooden chess, antiquated products, 3D puzzles, tool playsets, wood packing gift boxes, dartboard, and wood children’s furniture.

According to the factory it has met all the international standards that’s the EN71, CHPA, CE, ST, and ASTM. They do also offer OBM, ODM, and OEM services.

II. Zenit Industrial (Ningbo) Co. Ltd

Zenit Group founded in 2007 is one of the leading manufacturers of toys in China and other baby products. The products are then distributed to more than 30 countries in the world.

Their wide range of products includes wooden toys and plastic toys among other types of products. The company is located in Zhejiang, Mainland China and they do also offer ODM and OEM services. Most of their services are targeted to the Southeast Asia and North American markets and Europe as well.

III. Wenzhou Times Arts & Crafts Co. Ltd

This factory is located in Zhejiang Mainland China and they manufacture wooden toys. It was started in 2003 and now it’s one of the biggest wooden toys supplier in china today. Some of the toys they manufacture include, wooden toys, wooden music toys, wooden board games, wooden rocking horse, wooden crafts, educational and learning wooden toys among others.

Plastic Toy Manufacturers

Building Blocks

I. Dongguan Changan Rongqi Toy Factory

Win trade(Rongqi Toy Factory) is among China’s leading plastic toys manufacturers. The toy factory was founded in 2009 and they mainly deal with plastic toys such baby plastic toys, rubber ducks, plastic animals, plastic animal toys, and so forth.

Their huge market is the EU and the US and they also claim to have obtained EN71, ROHS, CE, ASTM, among other product ISO certificates.

II. Yixing Great Plastics Product Co., Ltd.

This factory was established in 2002 and it’s one of China’s leading manufacturers of plastic toys. The factory deals with both and children’s plastic items, however, if you’re looking for children’s plastic toy balls this is the one-stop-shop for that.

They have beach balls, plastic balls, PVC toy balls among other plastic toys. The company also has passed ISO 9000:2000 certification and audits such as BSCI and GSV. They export in Europe and in the US and some of their big brand’s clients include Tesco,  Disney, Target, and Aldi.

Educational Toy Manufacturers

I. Hangzhou Times Industrial Co., Ltd.

The factory was founded in the year 2006 and today it’s one of the leading manufacturers of educational toys for children. Its located in Zhejiang Mainland China. The company if famous for manufacturing magnetic toys which there aim is to educate and learn. Some of the toys they manufacture include

Magnetic blocs, science toys, development toys, solar toy kits and so much more. The company also provides OEM, ODM, and OBM services to clients.

II. Cangnan Huaou Crafts & Gifts Co., Ltd.

This is one of the biggest manufacturers and an exporter of educational toys, gifts, and crafts in China. The company is located in Zhejiang Mainland China. If you’re looking for any puzzle and board games this company is known for such.

The company has a huge product catalog but some of the products you will find include board games, fridge magnets, card games, and other wooden learning games.

III. Guangdong Zhenfeng Science And Educational Toys Co., Ltd.

Another on our list of leading manufacturer of learning toys is Guangdong Zhenfeng Science And Educational Toys Co., Ltd. This factory deals with plastic educational toys and building blocks.

In their catalogue they have toy options such as the pirate series, helicopter series, amusement park series, dinosaurs and many others.

Other toy manufactures include

1. Eagle Creation Toys

This is a company that was established in 2006 and has been in the business of manufacturing toys for the last one and a half decade.

This company usually provides to its customers wooden toys such as wooden building blocks, wooden figures, wooden musical toys among other wooden made toys. They claim they have met all EN-71, REACH, ASTM and CPSIA safety standards set.

2. Hangzhou Tianyuan Pet Products Co., Ltd

The company has been in existence since 1996 and it’s one of the leading manufactures of pets toys in china. The factory is located in Hangzhou.

The factory will make for you any pet toy, pet cushions, pet beds, and so forth. They are known to export their products to countries such as Brazil, Canada, the USA, Asia, Europe among other areas.

3. Cuddly Plush Toy Co., Ltd

This is another renowned leading manufacturer of plush toys in china. If you’re looking for private label plush toys from china then this is the company to go for since it’s well known for that. It’s located in Yangzhou City in China and deals with toy products such as teddy bears pet toys among others as plush toys.

4. Hongma Toys Company

Honma Toys Company is one of the leading factories in china that has been in existence for over 15 years now dealing with plastic toys.  All their products have been given the ASTM and CE certification standards and they export their products to all corners of the world.

5. Kidseason Industrial Company Limited

Another leading toy manufacturer company in china is Kidseason Industrial Co., Ltd which has its base location in Chenghai city.  They deal with all kinds of baby toys, pet toys, sports toys, educational toys, outdoor toys among other types of toys.

They usually supply their products to wholesalers and retailers such as the Huggies, Amazon, Walmart, Marvel among others.

6. Big Tree Toys Co.

Another company that is renowned in China in toy manufacturing is Big Tree Toys Co. they are one of the leading modern toys manufacturers worldwide. The company has also been listed in the U.S NASDAQ stock market and ships there toys to more than 100 countries in the world.


If you’re looking for plush toys then this company which was established in 2008 is one of the leading companies designing and manufacturing these plush toys. They have been listed as compliant with EN71, CPSIA, REACH, ASTM safety certifications.

8. First Asia

One of the veteran companies in China that have been dealing with the manufacturer of plush toys is the First Asia Company. This company has been in existence for over 25 years now and is located in Guangdong and Shandong provinces. They export their products to America and Europe.

9. Siyu Company

Siyu Company came into existence in 2005 and its one of the leading manufacturer of educational toys, metal crafts and wooden toys. If you’re looking for puzzles, educational sets and building blocks this companies deals with such toys and many more.

10. Apex Group

This is China leading ODM and OEM of toys and other consumer related products. It has been in existence since 1976 and they are based in Dongguan, China. They deal with electronic toys, action figures among there toys you can find here.

How To Find The Best China Toys Suppliers

  1. Get a toy sourcing agent such as Dragon Toy SERVICE

The best way to find the toys you’re looking for in China is through a sourcing agent such as Zerosourcing since such people have the professionals you will need in the identification of the toys you need at a lower cost.

We understand the risks in involved when sourcing toys from china such as failure of toys to pass certification and high chances of low-quality substandard toys or even your money getting lost from scams, that’s why it’s always good and the best thing to do is get a toy sourcing agent such as Dragon Toy Supplier.

  1. Research online

The best platforms to use when looking for toy suppliers in china are Alibaba, where you will find hundreds of toy suppliers get a supplier who offers you a good deal but within the market price.

  1. Get yourself to China toy trade fair

Travelling to China trade fairs would be another way to get suppliers of toys since every China expo has hundreds of toy suppliers who can to display their toys and it would be a good avenue to get suppliers.

Besides you can get more information and give out your customization preferences if there is any.

  1. Select the right supplier through this method

When selecting a toy supplier there are a few red frags you should be aware of. Among them is the price, certification, well written product descriptions, and only go for companies that have specialized in toy products only.

  1. Communicate with a supplier

Communication with a supplier is vital as it’s the first base of assessment on whether there genuine, they can be able to deliver or not. You can also ask for a sample so that you’re able to tell whether the supplier can deliver the quality and the quantity you’re looking for.

What Problems will you Encounter when Importing Chinese toy?

Importing toys from China especially on your own might be challenging especially since you aren’t there physically hence it’s based on trust.  China has all kinds of toys and it doesn’t matter the quantity or the type of Toy you’re looking for since it’s readily available but the problem is where can you get it?

At what price, is it of quality? Has it been certified and passed on all the standards required? Such questions are the reason one should get a sourcing agent such as Dragon Toy to make importation of toys from china easier. 

Top 10 problems you will encounter:


  1. Being overwhelmed by the number of toys available to choose
  2. Lack of market knowhow especially where to outsource the toys from china
  3. Being overwhelmed by the number of suppliers of toys in china available all offering same toys
  4. Differentiation of poor quality toys and the certified quality toys
  5. Counterfeit availability
  6. The issue of compliance and safety of the toys since the standards of importation of toys from china is different in each country.
  7. Commodity inspection of toys from china may also present itself as a challenge
  8. Language barrier issue may be a problem.
  9. Design infringement might present itself as a problem which might be to the disadvantage of the importer of toys from china.
  10. A good toy sourcing agent from china is hard to come buy that why we have recommended Dragon Toy and also remember identification of the right supplier is no easy task as well.

Which Is The Best China Toys Sourcing Agent?

Many importers of toys from china normally have this question to ask themselves; do I really need a toy sourcing agent to import toys from china. Well, the right answer is yes you need a toy sourcing agent from China such as Dragon Toy.

Toy sourcing agents do come in handy when an importer of toys from china needs to import but has not timed looking for suppliers or traveling to China to source toys for themselves.

Toy sourcing agents such as Dragon Toy will ease your work as an importer of toys from china since they breach the gap between you and the supplier or the manufacturer making it an easy job to import toys from china. 

Toy sourcing agents will normally source for the best manufacturers of toys from china or the best suppliers of toys from china for you. They will then guide you as an importer on who are the best suppliers of the toys you require to a level of matching your expectations and who among them all has the most reasonable price that will fit your budget.

You don’t even have to worry about quality, counterfeit, design infringement issues, clearance, or certifications of the toys, the sourcing agent will handle all this for you. Shipping is also problematic but your toy sourcing agent will help you as well with this.

All this will be done at a commission of 3% which is insignificant considering all the trouble and risks involved while importing toys from china all by yourself. So in case you’re looking for the best china toys sourcing agents in china, there is the answer you have.

How to Get the Best Price Toy Manufacturers in China

What does the toy sourcing agent do

Now that we have provided you with some of the biggest suppliers of toys in china and manufacturer of toys in china and also you have a guide on the necessary documents required to import toys from china its best we teach you how to get the best price toy manufacturers in China.

You need to have the skills to identify a supplier of toys from china among the many suppliers available.  It’s not an easy task pinpointing a supplier as there are thousands of china toys suppliers all with lucrative offers.

Here we have a guide on the few places one can find a toy supplier in china and how to find those offering quality toys at the best price.

Alibaba toy Suppliers

Among the areas one can get toy suppliers in China is Alibaba. Here you will get hundreds if not thousands of toy manufacturers. It’s one of the best sites that creates a connection between the importer of toys and the manufacturers of toys in china.

Just create an account on the Alibaba website and just navigate through the website to find toy manufactures. Place an order and with the help of sourcing agents such as Dragon Toy, they will help you with sourcing the toys you need.

The only challenge that one encounters while shopping at Alibaba is the minimum order quantity (MOQ) and some may supply you with substandard goods that’s why we emphasize get a sourcing agent.

Go to AliExpress


Since the minimum order quantity set by Alibaba suppliers might be too high for small startup businesses then the other best option to go for is AliExpress . You will get every toy listed at Alibaba only that in this website you can be able to purchase toys in smaller quantities.

AliExpress is a subsidiary of Alibaba and the two are pretty much alike, however, Alibaba handles the wholesalers and those that buy in large volumes while AliExpress is for small-scale importers.

The other issue you should note is since AliExpress is more of a retail site, the prices are generally high than those of Alibaba which is a wholesaler.

Make contact with China toy Manufacturers

Since its known many toy suppliers are middle men between the manufacturer and the customer some people would prefer to contact the China toy manufacturers directly to get more insights on your orders and pricing as well. 

All these toy manufacturers we have listed above, however there are many more out there if you want to check. 

Speaking to the manufacturer might give you an edge on pricing but it has its own challenges such as language barrier, high MOQs, and also verification of credibility that’s why we advise you to minimize this you need a toy sourcing agent such as Dragon Toy with vast knowledge in toy importation from china and the China toy market.

Fly to China and attend toys fairs in China

While finding the best prices for toys especially if you are targeting to buy toys at wholesale price is to fly to China and attend toys fairs in china where you are likely to find countless toy manufacturers.

Such toy trade fairs in china include the biggest fair in china the Canton Fair where you will find thousands of toy manufacturers and suppliers with competitive prices. These fairs are held in the fall of every year and in spring. Others include the Chenghai toy fair, the Mega show in Hongkong among others.

The best thing about visiting the toy fairs is every supplier or manufacturer in this show is verified and you do not need to do any other due diligence in regards to the issue.

Toys Sourcing agent


We can’t emphasize enough the need of acquiring a toy sourcing agent. These are the best people to talk to if you are importing toys from china and not any sourcing agent but those dealing with toys only such as Dragon Toy Service professional sourcing agents.

Sourcing agents helps you reach out to the manufacture of toys or the supplier of toys and will negotiate on your behalf, inspect the toys to see if they’re within your standard and if all is well send the toys to the point of destination. This is at a very low fee that will be insignificant considering the risks involved while outsourcing for toys in china on your own.

These sourcing agents help you with the sourcing of toys and since they know the market way better they are best placed to get you a good manufacturer of toys from china.

How do you Pay Toy Manufacturers and Suppliers in China?

Assuming you do not live in China and most likely your hundreds of kilometers away one might wonder what’s the safest mode of paying toy manufactures or the safest way of paying toy suppliers in china.

All Chinese manufacturers and suppliers do accept a wide range of payment methods for the toys they are tasked to deliver.

Depending on the terms and conditions agreed between the toy manufacturer and the importer of toys payment can be done before the manufacturing of toys commences or halfway or at the end of the process before shipping and even after shipping the toys.

All these set rules vary with manufactures and it all depends with your agreement with the manufacturer.

Below are some of the available payment gateways accepted by Chinese toy manufacture

  1. Wiring money directly to the manufacturer through international transfers is one of the options
  2. If you will be importing toys from china on a regular basis it would be better to open a local bank account in china with a Chinese local bank.
  3. You can pay through Alibaba Trade Assurance or ALIPAY
  4. You can use a broker
  5. You can also use a local toy sourcing agent
  6. The other option is to use the Western Union
  7. PayPal is also another option to use.

Is There MOQ When Importing Toys From China?

Many toy importers from china normally wonder whether there is a minimum order quantity (MOQ) that is applied when importing toys from china.

A minimum order quantity is the lowest quantity of a certain number of toys or a product that a manufacturer or a supplier is willing to sell and the importer has to reach the minimum requirement for the supplier to be able to supply or engage in the production.

The MOQ might be 300 pcs, 500pcs, 1000 pcs, and so forth.  So when looking for a manufacturer or a supplier you need to check on their MOQ since every supplier or manufacturer of toys in china has their own unique policy terms.

When looking at the minimum order quantity always consider this.

  1. Transportation cost from the manufacturer to the point of destination
  2. The return on investment especially on the profit margins. Where is the margin and the breakeven?
  3. Is it cheaper buying in bulk or will it be an expensive project to undertake considering your market capacity to resell all the toys?

Such factors are important in considering which the best MOQ to go for is.

Is There a Product Return Policy Offered by Toy Manufacturers Or Suppliers In China

You might be wondering whether there is a product return policy offered by toys suppliers in China. Well yes, they do offer a product return policy, however, that might be purely dependent on your arrangement with the supplier.

Always before you place an order, before you get to signup paperwork and wire the money check the terms and conditions down there as that’s where the product return policy is and you should read it.

How much Duty will you Pay to Import Toys from China?

Importation of toys from china normally attracts a duty fee imposed on these toys but its nothing not manageable compared to other products. The import duty of toys from China do attract a VAT of about 9%-13% which in most cases it isn’t as high compared to other products.

What Quality Marks Do You Find on Toys from China?

Toys from china have to have some quality standards set in order to safe guard the safety of the users of these toys and also the environment. All toys have to conform to these standards otherwise they risk being not allowed to the port of destination by the local authorities. Some of these standards have marks and below are some of the marks you are most likely to find in these toys.

  1. Trade Mark
  2. China Compulsory Certificate (CCC)
  3. GS Mark
  4. N2390 Mark
  5. SGS GS Mark
  6. CE Mark
  7. RoHs compliant mark
  8. IP Mark

You can as well see some other safety marks on toys and such include

  1. Toxic symbol
  2. Corrosion
  3. Recycle mark
  4. Age warning sign
  5. Danger symbol
  6. Irritant symbol
  7. Flammable warning

What Are The Documents Needed To Import Toys From China

Importation of toys from china just like any other product requires compliance and each country has its own compliance requirements needed. To import toys from china you need various documents and below are some of the main documents you need when importing toys from china.

  • Import declaration form

An import declaration is just a document that’s stipulates the contents of the goods you are importing.

This document contains such information.

Quantity of the products. This should be very accurate and given more description. Its the number of items of the product you are importing from China for instance the number of superman toys imported from China.

Consignment worth; here you have to state what is the true worth of the toy consignment. This is very important to the local authority of any country to determine the duty to be imposed on these toys imported from China.

So when importing do not miss to list the correct true worthiness of the toys if you are to avoid any dispute that may arise with your local customs authority.

Consignment classification; when you import toys from china they are classified maybe under wooden toys or action toys which you can check here. This classification of toys helps the customs authority to determine the amount of tax you will be charged as an importer of toys from china.

Quality: here is where you get to list down all the certifications of the toys so that they get to be assessed whether they meet the country of destination set standards.

  • Certificate of conformity

Nearly all toy products require a certificate of conformity during the importation from china. This kind of document is proof that you have adhered to the set rules of quality and safety requirements when importing toys from china.

If you miss this certificate of conformity then it’s pretty hard for you as an importer of toys to get your toys approved by the customs.

  • Packing list

If you intend to import toys from china then one of the documents you have to comply with is the packing list.  A packing list usually spells out in detail all the types of toys that have been imported from china.

What one should include in the packing list is a detailed description of the toys, the number of toys and the weight of the toys in metric tons .also the packing list should have a description of the width, length, height and the cubic measurements of these toys that one has imported from china.

  • Commercial invoice

Among the most important documents that shouldn’t miss in the list of documents required in the importation of toys is the commercial invoice. This commercial invoice should conform precisely to all the information that is on the packing list above.

Here you get to list down the details of the shipment its total value, the insurance amount and you do also have to fill the freight charges. Make sure your commercial invoice conforms precisely to the packing list to avoid any inconsistences.

  • Bill of lading/airway bill

These bills differ depending on the mode of transportation used by the importer of toys from china. There two main bills which is the airway bill if you will use the air freight cargo or the bill of lading if you will use sea shipment.

These documents usually are proof of carriage between you the importer of toys from china and the shipping company you selected. Without this document, you cannot be able to claim your consignment of toys once they arrive at the port of destination.

In the document, there must be the name of the consignee, the consignor name, the port of destination, and few more details in regards to the goods.

In general, the above documents are some of the most important documents you will be required to have when importing toys from china. However, there may be others such as inspection certificates and import license that might be needed but that is dependent with your country set rules and differ from country to country.

With this knowledge, it’s good to have information on the documents needed to import toys from china so that you don’t get into problems with your local customs authority. Alternatively, you can hire a licensed customs broker to advise you on the documents you need or even clear your cargo on your behalf.


This guide gives you all the relevant information regarding importation of toys from china. Importation of toys from China might seem as an easy task but it has its own challenges and risks and the only way to eliminate such risks is by hiring a professional toy sourcing agent such as Dragon Toy.

As an importer you can be assured what you are about to get is of quality and complies with the set standards set by your country.

If you do have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us we are more than happy to guide you through. We do hope you get a fantastic experience when importing toys from china.

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