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Who we are

Professional China supplier, best China sourcing company. We can give you the best sourcing service, help you import products from China.

Why we are

9 years of sourcing experience so that can help you find factories for the best price, confirm and follow-up orders, quality control, and finally shipping to you.

Where we are

We are located in Yiwu, near Yiwu International Trade City. We can guide you to sourcing in the Yiwu market, help you find the most suitable factory for you.

How it starts

Whether you want to wholesale from Yiwu, or sourcing product from China, even customized products, just contact us, your agent will help you.


What's the china sourcing agent

What's the China sourcing agent

A China sourcing agent is a person or a company who helps you with everything in China's sourcing process. This includes the entire process of finding suppliers, providing product quotations, signing purchase contracts, arranging orders, quality control, and shipping out.

Three Types of China Sourcing Agents

Sourcing agent with commissioned

Sourcing agent with commissioned

They usually charge you a 3-10% commission to help you with your purchases in China. They have a lot of experience in finding products and factories and can find you the most suitable factory and offer the best price. When you confirm your order, they will help you arrange production and ship out.

Trading Company

Trading Company

If you are not completely familiar with the product and buy in small quantities and cannot find a factory to work with, then a trading company is a good choice. They can help you find the corresponding small factory to produce your order. Because the prices of small factories are cheaper than big factories no matter what time of the year they are.

Supply Chain Company

Supply Chain Company

If you have a large order, perhaps you can find a supply chain company to work with. They often work with big supermarkets like Walmart to fulfill your orders on a project management basis, including custom products and packaging. They give you a lower quote than if you were to go to the factory yourself, because their strength lies in supply chain integration.

What does a China sourcing agent do?

One-Stop China Sourcing Agent Service

Product sourcing and manufacturing

Product Customization

Import from China Consulting

Product Quality Inspection

The large warehouse for free

Product loading and shipping to you

Get the best price from China supplier.

Production Follow up, On-time delivery

Packaging and labels customization

Product photography to check the quality

Inspection Report to check the quality

Customized product and packaging design

What is the cost of a China Sourcing Agent?

The professional China sourcing agent always offers 4 solutions to help different importers import from China.

You can start with the free service to get a quote for your products. Then choose Professional Services and we’ll help you handle everything from arranging to manufacture to quality inspection and finally shipping to you. If you contact the Chinese manufacturer yourself but need us for quality inspection and shipping, please choose the basic plan.

If you have a high demand for photography, packaging design, and full inspection, you can learn more about Extra Services.

Free Service

For all following services No Hidden Charges
  • Free detailed product sourcing
  • Getting quotes from China manufacturers
  • Consultation on importing costs
  • Manufacturing and production solutions
  • Arrange customized samples
  • Collection samples & inspection
  • Consultation on import/export compliance

Pro Service

With only 5 to 10% commission fee, you can enjoy all premium services
  • Suppliers verification
  • Arrange production
  • Order follow-up
  • Customization for products
  • Customization for products packaging
  • Offer private label solutions
  • General product quality inspection
  • Warehouse storage for up to 2 months
  • Arrange delivery to door via courier, sea/air freight
  • Your customer representative in China

Basic Service

Following services you can enjoy
  • Free warehouse 1 month
  • 1688/Alibaba/Taobao agent
  • Sample collection/shipping
  • Free general quality inspection
  • Random inspection and arrangement for shipping
  • Arrange delivery to door via courier, sea/air freight

Extra Service

Price will be quoted by inquiry
Custom price
  • 1 by 1 inspection
  • Hire labor in China
  • Accompanying translators

Why you need a China Sourcing Agent

Time saving

A good China sourcing agent can save you time by helping you solve all your China sourcing problems. They can help you find the right products and factories so that your time is freed up to do more product sales.

Make importing products easy

They offer a range of sourcing services, from product inquiries, and order placement, to shipping and even delivering the goods to your warehouse. They can help you with this whole series of things. You just need to concentrate on product development and marketing.

Negotiated price

Even Chinese locals are not very sensitive to product prices, shipping costs by etc., let alone foreigners. Sourcing agent can help you negotiate the price, including product price, shipping and ocean freight price, etc. This can help you save a lot of money.

Inspection Factory

A China sourcing agent can help you inspect the factory you contact in China. It helps you to understand the factory by knowing its strength, number of employees, certificates, etc. He can also help you to know the price and quality of the factory's products at that level in the industry, so that you can easily make a judgment.

ABOUT Zerosourcing

The Best Sourcing Agency In China

Our agency service

Yiwu market sourcing

yiwu wholesale market

More than 55000 shops, millions of products, you can import everything here.

It’s too big, like a maze. But with the help of us, your work will be easy and efficient during your short business trip.

During the COVID-19, you also can sourcing products from the market by video call.


Toys Souricng

shantou toys market

You can find all kinds of toys you want, and they come from thousands of factories.

This may seem complicated, but with our help, you can be in our showroom, pick the right toys, and even have the factory come over to talk about it.

We will find the best product for you and help you place the order, ship it out and complete the purchasing process.

Party supplies Souricng

party supplies sourcing

It’s not easy to find party supply manufacturers in China, they are scattered in different places.

We have a complete supply chain of party supplies and can provide you with a full range of party supplies, giving you a one-stop sourcing service

We are professional in sourcing party supplies.

One-Stop service

Why We Are
The Best

We are the professional China sourcing agent, we can help you buy wholesale directly from the factory and give you the best price.

We guide you to yiwu wholesale market, find the suitable China manufacturers and factories, get the best price.

We guide you to canton fair,  find the best China manufacturers and factories, translate and sourcing for you.

Professional China sourcing agent will one-on-one service for you, they can help you all about buying wholesale from China and make you easier.

The charge of service commission is low to 3%,but the our sourcing experience is over 100%.

We take product quality seriously for our clients. For free inspection, we check a higher percentage than 3rd party inspection companies. In addition, we offer a full review to reduce the defect rate to 0. But other sourcing companies won’t.


STEP 1: Require A Quote

STEP 2: Products Sourcing

Confirm Orders

STEP 3: Confirm Orders

Loading and Shipping

STEP 6: Loading and Shipping

Quality Inspection

STEP 5: Quality Inspection

Arrange Production

STEP 4: Arrange Production

How do I find a suitable sourcing agent in China?

Things to Consider When Choosing a China Sourcing Agent


An experienced China sourcing agent can help you out of trouble; while an unprofessional China sourcing agent may give you trouble.


The location of the purchasing agent determines the products he is familiar with. The toy agent is in Shantou, the party and daily necessities agent is in Yiwu.


The professionalism of the sourcing agent on the product determines whether he can help you find a quality factory and give you the best price.

Business License

We need to check the business license of the Chinese sourcing agent and check if he is a real company in order to avoid being duped.


To facilitate communication, be sure to check the language of the Chinese purchasing agent whether it is English or Spanish. This will make your future communication much smoother.


We need to compare the rates of the agents to choose a suitable one to work with. Some agents will have high fees but average service, which will seriously affect your profits.

Quality Control

We need to know if the purchasing agent has a professional set of quality testing methods to ensure that the products you order will meet your quality requirements and allow you to know the quality of the product remotely.


We need to pick an agent to work with at the right price by comparing offers from purchasing agents. This depends on whether this agent is familiar with the product and whether they can offer you the best price.


We need to compare the services of sourcing agents to choose the one whose services best meet our requirements. The quality of their service determines how easy it is for you to procure products.

With Good Ethics

A China sourcing agent with a good work ethic can make you feel comfortable enough to work with him that he won't cut corners or arbitrarily change wisely to a worse product for you. You can feel comfortable giving him the job.

Set Budget

Before we work together, we should set up a procurement budget that includes a procurement agent fee component. Generally the smaller the amount of your purchase, the higher their fees.


Their payment terms are also one of the criteria for selection, depending on your financial situation. However, if the purchasing supplier is willing to offer you a billing period, then this will be better.

Ask your China sourcing agent the questions

What are the payment terms?

What are the payment terms?

When communicating with a Chinese purchasing agent, the most important thing you need to understand is the payment terms of the other party. Most of their payment terms are 30% down payment, 70% balance before shipment. Of course, if you don't trust the other party enough, you can negotiate with them to pay the remaining 70% through BL COPY.

Do they have successful customer cooperation cases

Do they have successful customer cooperation cases

Find out how professional the sourcing company is by learning about the cases of successful clients it has worked with. Generally speaking, the more professional clients they work with, the more they can prove their reliability and professionalism.

How is quality control handled?

How is quality control handled?

The control of quality is also the most important thing. Select the right sourcing agent in China by understanding the sourcing agent's testing and control of product quality. Most purchasing agents, they will have their own quality control system, through the submission of inspection reports, inspection pictures, etc., so that you know whether the quality of the product meets your requirements.

Where are they located?

By knowing the location of the purchasing company, we can determine their expertise on a particular product. Just like the factories for toys are almost located in Shantou, the factories for wooden toys are located in Yunhe. If their location is not where the product is made, then they can't contact the factory very conveniently, and the price and service they obtain is not guaranteed.

What is the cost of their services?

It is also important to know the cost of a purchasing agent. Some sourcing agents will charge a 3% commission and some will ask for 5%, but their services are about the same. We can determine how to pick a suitable sourcing agent in China by knowing each other's services and commissions.

Top 30 China Sourcing Agent In China

Service: Their main business is toys, party supplies, and sourcing of Yiwu market products. Also, they can help customers to booking containers to transport products to the ports of customers’ countries.

Service: This company mainly serves customers in the Latin American market, helping importers in the Latin American market to purchase products from the Yiwu market. Their company is located in Yiwu.


Service: JINGSOURCING’s main business is small order product sourcing, especially serving Amazon sellers. They can provide you with a small amount of customized services.

4. Supplyia

Service: Supplyia is a company that manages the supply chain with a local team, developing new product specifications, factory sourcing, quoting, prototyping, negotiating up to monitoring production.

5. Fulfillbot

Service: Fulfillbot is a company that manages Product Sourcing, Customized Brands, Amazon FBA Services, etc

6. LeelineSourcing

Service: LeelineSourcing is a sourcing company based in Wuhan, China, and they are primarily responsible for product supply chain development.

7. TCI China

Service: TCI China specializes in offering consulting services to companies doing business in the Chinese market.

8. Sourcing Allies

Service: They are a team of professional sourcing agents who have helped companies in the US and Europe produce and source over a million items from China as well as India and Eastern Europe.

9. NicheDropshipping

Service: NicheDropshipping is one of the pioneering dropshipping & sourcing agent companies based in China. They source a wide range of products from China for small and medium-sized businesses, such as Shopify store owners.

10. Ruizhi Sourcing

Service: Ruizhi Sourcing is a China sourcing agent based in Shenzhen, China, and Ho Chi Min, Vietnam. They specialize in product engineering and sourcing services.

11. Imex Sourcing

Service: Imex sourcing agency is based in Guangzhou, China. Its parent company is Imex liaisons. customers can access products and factories on the market through a customized online portal.

12. Foshan Sourcing

Service: This company is located in Foshan. They have been sourcing products for over a decade and specialize in furniture, tiles, materials, ceramics, doors and windows.

13. Import Dojo

Service: This company has sourced products worldwide for well-known retailers such as Amazon, Home Depot, Walmart and Metro. Today, it has connections with 2,500 manufacturers from a variety of industries.

14. China2West

Service: China2West is a company with deep roots in sourcing products from China. This company has extensive product supply chain resources.

15. Sourcing Bro

Service: This sourcing agent is located in Shenzhen, China. It has occupied a core position in trade across the world. Clients from various countries can access an enormous number of products.

16. Dragon Sourcing

Service: Dragon Sourcing has its contacts globally to get you all types of products. This China Sourcing agent was established in the year 2004 and has offices in Hong Kong and Shanghai.

17. Lazpanda

Service: Laz Panda is dedicated to finding the right suppliers at a lower cost. They help to mitigate most of the risks that come with it. This company is headquartered in Shenzhen, China. The founder of this company has extensive experience and expertise in electronic markets and the processes involved.

18. B2C Sourcing

Service: If you want to source products from Ningbo and surrounding areas, B2C Sourcing is the perfect agent. Some of the top clients they provide services to include Philips lumen, Disney, Amazon, and eBay.

19. Meeno Group

Service: Meeno Group is also a professional sourcing agent based in Yiwu, China. They are able to provide complete sourcing services in China, including quality checks, product searches, sourcing goods in China, warehouse storage and shipping management.

20. Guided Imports

Service: Guided Imports has solved the most recognized issues in the trade industry. Producing, building, and importing goods for e-commerce, sometimes, is delayed, complicated, costly, and offline.

21. Linc Sourcing

Service: Linc Sourcing has been established in Europe, but its headquarters are located in Sweden. Whereas, it has various offices in other countries of the world, for example, China, the United Kingdom, Italy, China, and Spain.

22. Keen Sourcing

Service: Keensourcing is one of the finest sourcing agents in China. They have strong experience to help small enterprises locate a trustworthy supplier for product ideas.

23. FBA Sourcing China

Service: FBA sourcing china is highly experienced when it comes to Amazon FBA. Also, they serve millions of Amazon sellers throughout the world.

24. Maple Sourcing

Service: Maple sourcing have factory audits and quality control inspectors to make sure that the clients receive their orders to their required standards.

25. 80/20 sourcing

Service: 80/20 Sourcing is an online resource when it comes to sourcing products from China. Gary works and sources the products since 2008 for well-known retailers from Europe and North America.

26. Baysource Global

Service: FBA sourcing china is highly experienced when it comes to Amazon FBA. Also, they serve millions of Amazon sellers throughout the world.

27. Maple Sourcing

Service: Contrary to other Chinese enterprises, Baysource Global is situated in the United States. Baysource serves as a sourcing agent in China for the importer and purchasers in the United States.

28. Asia Tech Source

Service: Asiaction Sourcing is located in Guangzhou, China and owned by a French acquisition agency. The company basically focuses on the interior and furniture areas.

29. Ejet

Service: China export agent, assisting customers with warehousing services, cargo inspection, etc.

27. CJDropshipping

Service: CJDropshipping is one of China’s reliable dropshipping sourcing and fulfillment agents. They definitely live up to their tagline “You sell – We source and ship for you!”.

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