The final guide: How to wholesale toys online from China

Wholesale toys online are the best way during the COVID-19. As we know, the COVID-19 has had a great impact on the global economy, restricting people’s travel, and also changing the way people sourcing. In the past, we used to shop in supermarkets and malls. Due to the impact of COVID-19, we can only wholesale toys online. For buyers, the impact of the COVID-19 is huge, because they cannot come to China to purchase goods or get new products, which seriously affects their business.

Buyers, under the influence of the COVID-19, can only wholesale toys online from China. But how do purchase goods online in China, and which toys are more popular? This article will guide you to buy toys in China during the COVID-19 from the following three aparts:

Buying toys in China usually takes place at exhibitions, such as the Canton Fair, and coming to Yiwu or Shantou toys market, or going directly to factories to purchase toys, but during the COVID-19, we can only learn about products online and select suitable factories to purchase toys online. How to find the toy factory and where to choose the right supplier? Below we will introduce 5 ways to wholesale toys online.

a. Online Canton Fair

The Canton Fair is one of the most important ways for major buyers to purchase in China. Due to the impact of the epidemic, this year’s Canton Fair was held online. During the 10-day 127th Canton Fair, 5000+ factories displayed their products through live broadcast. Buyers can learn about each new toy product by watching the live broadcast and contacting the factory to obtain the catalog and quotation.

However, because fewer factories are participating in the live broadcast this time, and many buyers don’t know how to watch the live broadcast and ask for quotations, the effect of this year’s Canton Fair is mediocre, and most buyers have not been able to find suitable toys.

To buy toys from China, the Shantou toy market is one of the must-visit locations for professional buyers. You can click on the article to learn about the Shantou toy market–《SHANTOU TOYS MARKET GUIDE》. In the toy exhibition hall, you can find all kinds of toys you want, and get a factory quote, then contact the toy manufacturers for the order. Due to the impact of the COVID-19, the Shantou Toy Market provides an online toy showroom. You can select the toy you want on the website, add it to the shopping cart, and finally send your toys to get a quotation.

#1. Search for the toy category you want and find out the suitable toy

#2.  Check product information and add to shopping cart

#3. Submit quotation in the shopping cart

In the end you will receive a quotation about your selection of toys, and you can also ask for a catalog. This method is the most convenient for the buyer. Selecting toys on the TOYS MARKET ONLINE and getting factory quotations is one of the most effective ways to purchase toys online now.

c. Alibaba

As the world’s largest online wholesale website, sourcing on Alibaba is as simple as shopping on Amazon. On this website, you only need to search for the core keywords of the product you are looking for, such as toy cars, Babi, Beach toys, building blocks, educational toys, etc. You will see all kinds of toys you want to find displayed you. Next, you need to send an inquiry to compare and find toys with suitable price and quality.


But it’s hard to find out the real factory on Alibaba, most of them are wholesalers, suitable for small buyers. If you want to get the best price,  you need to find a direct factory with a price advantage and need to keep asking prices, Repeated comparisons to find the real toys factory.

d. Made in China

You can find direct factories on Made in China, but there are few toy factories here and there are not complete toy categories. It is difficult for you to find a suitable factory to get a quote. If you are looking for a factory for OEM toys, then here will suit you. You can find a suitable supplier by following the operations below.

e. Yiwugo

For wholesalers who come to China to purchase, everyone should know Yiwu International Trade City. Yiwu Toy Market is also located here, you can click on the article below to learn about Yiwu Toy Market–YIWU TOYS MARKET GUIDE. Yiwugo is an online website developed by Yiwu international trade city. Each store corresponds to a real store in the market. You can find the store and get a quote by searching for the toy category you want. However, because most of the suppliers in the Yiwu toy market do not understand English, and the toys are not complete in the online store, so you can check the toys and send them to your toy purchasing agent for the quotation.

For toy buyers, in addition to knowing the way to wholesale toys online from China, the most important thing is to know which categories of toys are the most popular during the COVID-19, so that they can buy suitable toys and improve their business. During the COVID-19, outdoor toys, inflatable toys, and jigsaws were the most popular. From Google Trends, we can see that the search for these two types of products has continued to rise in recent months.

In addition to these 3 types of toys, we have integrated customers’ sourcing intentions and Google Trends’ hot search terms to sort out the following top 9 categories of hot toys during the COVID-19.

outdoor toy

Outdoor Toy

Inflatable toy

Inflatable Toy



Racing car

Racing Car

Fingers magnetic ring

Fingers Magnetic Rings



Building block

Building Block

Beach toy

Beach Toy

Education toy

Education Toy

The China purchasing agent is the simplest and most efficient solution for you to purchase toys online in China. A professional toy sourcing agent like Dragon Toy Service can help you find suitable toys, directly connect with the factory, give you a quotation, provide a catalog. Also can help you recommend the best-selling toys, finally help you ship the goods. So that you needn’t leave home can receive the goods. 

#1. You can select products in Yiwu Toy Market or Shantou Toy Market through the video call with your agent and get the quotation list. You can find your suitable products in real-time through the video call and check the information

#2. For the toys you select through the toys market online, the sourcing agent will help you contact the factory, get the latest quotation and detailed product information, help you in communicating with the factory, and confirm the order

#3. In addition, you can directly send them pictures of toys you are interested in, and they will help you find the same or similar toys and provide you with a quote

#4. After you have confirmed the factory and products, they will help you communicate with the factory, bargain the price and confirm the order details, then report the order progress in real-time during the order production process, so that you can get the order production situation at home

#5. Before shipment, they will conduct quality inspections on all products, and if any problems are found, give feedback in time to ensure that all products meet your requirements

#6. Finally, they will help you contact the shipping agent in China, or contact your shipping agent to help you book the container and ship it.

Therefore, the final guide during the COVID-19 is a professional toys agent and toy market online. Choose suitable toys through the online toy showroom, and contact your purchasing agent to help you communicate with the factory and complete all the jobs of purchasing toys in China. Of course, if you want to purchase toys online in China by yourself, then visit the online Canton Fair, or Alibaba, and made in China are your suitable choices.

Finally, I am Zero, a professional toy purchasing manager. If you have any questions or want more information about sourcing toys from China, please leave a message or contact me.

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