How to find the beach toy manufacturers and wholesalers in China

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Children love the sun, the beach, the sea, this is nature. They like to play sand and sea on the beach, like sand piled up in various shapes of sandcastles, and decorated with shells, rocks, and branches. Beach toys are essential toys for every child’s growth. Beach toys are in great demand every year in the world, and many people want to do this business.

As we know, most beach toys are made in China, every year, a large number of beach toys are shipped all over the world from China’s toys factory. But most people don’t know how to find a suitable beach toy supplier in China, and they also can’t get a cheap price.

In fact, many people hope to cooperate with beach toy suppliers and confirm orders directly with them. But sometimes their toy supplier is not the best for them, they can’t get the best quality, and sometimes they even buy the bad quality products, which makes them lose confidence in importing toys from China.

It is very easy for you to import beach toys from China. I will guide you to find suitable toy suppliers.

This article will provide a comprehensive introduction to how to import beach toys from China, including how to find quality beach toy suppliers, and also recommend some hot sale beach toys for you.

Yiwu Toys Market is located in Yiwu International Trade City, where you can buy a variety of beach toys, even one or two cartons are allowed. Because they are factory direct sales or agents for the factory, their price is advantageous.

There are hundreds of wholesale toy stores in the Yiwu toys market. It’s difficult for you to find a suitable sand toy supplier. In fact, there are several shops selling beach toys in Yiwu. They have hundreds of beach toys in their shop. Due to product iterations, the toys that they sell are most popular in this market. I will guide you to know this toy store.

#1.1 Beach toys shop in Yiwu toys wholesale market:

beach toy shop 1322

SHOP 1322

beach toy shop 1405

SHOP 1405

beach toy shop 1830

SHOP 1830

beach toy shop 2032

SHOP 2032

beach toy shop 2145

SHOP 2145

beach toy shop 2882

SHOP 2882

There are several other stores here, they are not the main beach toys, but some beach toys are factory direct sales. These products can’t be found in other stores. Maybe you can find the products you want in these stores.

beach toy shop 1910

SHOP 1910

beach toy shop 1978

SHOP 1978

beach toy shop 2490

SHOP 2490

beach toy shop 3000

SHOP 3000

You can learn about the Shantou toys market and how to work in the Shantou toy market first. If you are focusing on the beach toy business and are constantly purchasing them in large quantities, then the Shantou toys market is the best choice for you.

Finding a beach toy factory in the Shantou toy market is so easy for you. You only need to go to the toy exhibition hall to select the toys, if you are interested in it, you can invite the factory to negotiate and go to the factory for a site visit.

For the beach toy factory, the toy showroom is their important sales channel, they will put their toys in the exhibition hall. So in the showroom, you can find the most complete beach toys and get the ex-factory price and factory information.

#2.1 Beach toys guide in Shantou toys market:

#2.1.1 Pick toys in the exhibition hall, the staff will help you push the shopping cart to put the toys you selected inside, and scan the code to record the products you selected.

#2.1.2 A variety of toys are showed in the exhibition hall. You can go to the beach toy area to choose a variety of products that you are interested in. If necessary, you can take them away for free.

#2.1.3 After selecting the product, you can go to the meeting room and the staff will give you the beach toy quotation.

#2.1.4 After confirming the product, you can invite the factory to the exhibition hall for confirming the order. You also can go to the factory to visit. The factory only showed a part of the product in the exhibition hall. Most sand toys are in their own factory showroom.

We have prepared some beach toy factories for you. If you are interested in their products, you can contact us to get their catalog.

#2.2 Factory of Beach Toys


With factories established in 1979, CHENHAI JIANXIONG PLASTIC TOYS FACTORY has been the leading manufacture of sand toys and trucks in Shantou Guangdong, China. They currently obtain more than 1500 items from 10 categories.


ZHEHONG Toys Factory was founded in the Year 2000 in Chenghai, China, and specialized in manufacturing Summer Toys (Beach toys, Water guns, Sports toys, etc.).  Now their products have got the Certificates of 3C, EN71, ASTM 963, HR4040, Phthalate 7P, etc.


Here is a Timetable of the China Toys Fair in 2019 for you, you can learn first.

Toy fair is one of the most important channels for looking for suppliers. Because you can find a professional beach toy factory here, suitable for the professional purchase of beach toys.

#3.1 Hongkong Toys & Games Fair

TIME: 01-06 ~ 01-10 in every year

Location:Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition

Acreage:55580 ㎡

#3.2 China International Toy Fair

Time:10-16~10-18 in every year

Location:Shanghai New International Expo Centre

Acreage:220000 ㎡

#3.3 China Import and Export Fair (canton fair)

TIME:4-23~-4-27 in every year

10-23~11-27 in every year

Location:Guangzhou Pazhou International Exhibition Center

Acreage:30000 ㎡

If you want to know more about toy fairs, or if you need to make a trip, you can leave a message to contact us. We will give you some help.

#4. Beach toys supplier online

Of course, if you want to wholesale a small number of beach toys and don’t want to buy in China, we also can help you. We have organized some beach toys for you. You can add your favorite beach toys to the quote and send us the quotation list in our shop.

beach toys

If you can’t find the product you want in the online shop, or you want to get more catalogs of beach toys, you can contact us or leave a message and your agent will be given some help to you.

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